How to get rid of squeaky floor

How to get rid of squeaky floor

How to get rid of squeaky floor? Many people ask this question.

Wood, despite all its advantages, can boast of durability. Sooner or later, the boards begin to crack, their attachment becomes more loose. The boards begin to SAG and squeak. But all this can be fixed very quickly. Cracks are puttied, contaminated sites cleaned, movable Board can be additionally nailed.

If the floor Board was seriously damaged, its quite easy to replace with the new. Such change will not leave any traces of repair. If worried about creaking floorboards, it means that some boards nailed bad. You just have to see when I go on the floor other people that the floorboards SAG.

To eliminate squeaks, you can use a wedge of wood to be set between Board and beam in the formed gap. When you cannot get to the necessary bottom boards, you have to strengthen them up, nailing up.

When the floor is made of planks with dowels, and they dried up and cracked, their attachment to the joists can be done with screws with countersunk head. It may be that the places where the planks are fastened with nails not visible. Then, to this place to detect the Board raise.

Floor boards make squeaking when rubbing against one another. What boards give these dreary sounds, you can determine from watching them when on this site go sex other people. In order to remove the sound of the friction between the boards is filled with powder of graphite, or talc, or clog wedges. If these methods do not help, the boards, the joists and fastened with screws. Cracks can occur if the damp atmosphere of the boards dry unevenly. To eliminate these cracks can be used two ways. You can lay in the cracks of the thin wood strips, or mix sawdust with paint. A mixture is prepared of four parts sawdust and one part paint. The mixture crack you need to cover.

If the boards was damaged in the form of spots or burns, then you need to determine how far spread the damage. For this to spot or burn carried out tsiklej. If it becomes apparent undamaged tree, then the Board is sanded, removing the thus damage. If undamaged wood is not visible, then have the Board replace it with new floor boards grade a, which are in the best quality.

When you replace any of the boards, then you can check the adjacent wood boards. This can be done with an awl. You need to pierce the Board in different places. If the awl enters easily, and the wood is soft, it means that the Board is rotting. If the rotten lot of places, then of course the Board needs to be replaced. If the decay has undergone quite a small area of the Board, you can try a rotten place to clean from rot and treated with antiseptic. You also need to inspect the boards on the presence of small holes, which are passages of little bugs drevotochtsev.

Also you can see the floor joists. If the beam is longer than 3.5 m, the floor construction is entered connection. It is these relationships and need to see, using the fact that the floor boards removed.

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