How to get rid of allergens in the apartment

How to get rid of allergens in the apartment

Allergies can appear at birth or develop with age. According to statistics, it exposed a quarter of the population. The main cause of acquired allergies suffer is the violation of norms in the housing arrangement. To fully protect your home from allergens is impossible, but it is able to make recommendations to prevent their occurrence, or to eliminate existing ones. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of allergens in the apartment.

You need to identify and eliminate allergens in the house?

It is necessary to determine the storage location of the substances that can cause allergic reactions, and their subsequent isolation, or replacement of natural, environmentally friendly. The most common allergens applies household chemicals. Over time, we should get rid of the classic detergents and cleaning fluids. Vacuum cleaners can be equipped with a tick, environmentally, harmless to human shampoos.


Recommended for flooring, only eco-friendly materials. The ideal option for this purpose is a laminate. It does not need tsiklevat and varnish, which eliminates the contact of the owner with paint substances. Flooring is another effective material. Inherent anti-static properties do not allow to accumulate dust, which is very hygienic. In addition, the flooring does not rot and does not require special cleaning chemicals.

The presence in the house carpet, carpet increases the possibility of acquiring various forms of allergies. This is due to the need for regular contact with chemical substances during their cleaning. Perfectly clean the carpets at home is almost impossible. Can handle the cleaning company Kiev. You can abandon the carpets or replace cleaning products with natural.

Windows and walls

When choosing Windows should give preference to wood products. These Windows are environmentally friendly, than plastic.

During repair work it is recommended to use special anti-allergenic paint. As Wallpaper you should prefer cotton products, held anti-static and anti-bacterial treatment. It is recommended to glue the Wallpaper back to back, thus preventing the accumulation of dust on the surface of the walls.


Home best furniture, made of birch wood. Ideal material can also be beech, alder and ash. Products made of pine is able to write on its surface traces are not recommended for the manufacture of furniture. Totally undesirable to have in the house chipboard furniture, as this material contains harmful to human health formaldehyde. Before buying such furniture you need to read the certificate of conformity and to choose products with the lowest rate of harmful substances.

Upholstered furniture is one of the most probable sources of Allergy. Soft products attract dust, which is difficult to remove from the surface. Preferably, this furniture can be replaced the same, that is leather or leatherette. The option of leather products is very expensive, but you can buy upholstered furniture special hypoallergenic covers.

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