How to fix scratches on laminate flooring

How to fix scratches on laminate flooring

The creation of the interior, despite the fact that this process is quite fun, requires a special approach and a lot of strength. It is important not only to pick up a harmonious elements, but to be able to solve the issues associated with their failure. So, the most popular floor covering is laminate acoloring. It is aesthetic and comfortable, but what if during operation damage the surface? Consider ways to resolve the problem without dismantling.

What to do?

The laminate is able to withstand various impacts from the outside. But there are times when he loses marketability. Failure to comply with the rules of using it appears defective. The most frequent are scratches. Their appearance can lead to careless movement of furniture, falling of heavy objects or even an unclean walking shoes. But how to bring attractive appearance of the coating?

In case of serious damage we need to replace the Board, but with minor scratches easily cope wax crayons that can be purchased at any hardware store. How does the process of repair?

  • pick up the material close to the color of the laminate;
  • well vacuum floors and paint needed areas;
  • dry cloth to remove excess wax and Polish.

Eliminate deep scratches on the laminate

From the deep scratches will help to get rid of a special putty, which is better not to save:

  • take a sample of a small portion of your floor is to buy close in shade repair kit;
  • with a spatula pasta fill the recesses;
  • remove common cloth the excess fondant and leave the station for several hours.

Thanks to this simple way you will lead your laminate ecoflooring shato in absolute order. And that procedure was not necessary to repeat, during the transportation of the furniture to place them under the legs of the «mats» and thoroughly clean shoes.

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