How to find the lowest price on the Internet?

 How to find the lowest price on the Internet?

SIC – the service for easy search of goods and services in online stores.

Among the many search engines, both famous and not, SIC stands that are designed to gather information about products, services and prices. With this system it is convenient to search among the 4.5 million items that are located in more than 800 online stores.

How to find the lowest price on the Internet?

Aport is a gigantic catalog of products and services designed to help you find the best price. Updated catalog design is worth special attention.

Aport with the updated functionality was launched in August last year, and after that was done a huge amount of work to improve the resource. Includes a user-friendly interface and navigation, significantly improved the admin panel for store owners. For users created high-quality, comfortable and functional service that will help customers quickly and easily select the right product.

The design of the website was the main feature of the new Apples. For the user it is important that the use of the service as convenient as possible. Online stores in Russia very much, and search among their offerings should be fast and simple. At the moment on Aport implemented a special design that solves these problems.

Very good growth of popularity, which showed the SIC for the last 9 months, saying that he was perceived by users as a handy tool for searching products and comparing prices. During this time, the number of visits increased by 500%. Thus, SIC can withstand the competition among the similar systems, and has the potential to become a leader in its industry.

At the site Aport provided a broad geographical coverage of Russian stores. Are 77 regional centers with online retailers. This means that SIC offers more than 800 online stores having good reputation. This provides the option of choosing between 2 million regional proposals, and 2 million nationwide.

A priority for the team of Oporto is the establishment of communication between buyers and shop online. First of all, you need to prove to the user that is shopping in the online store are absolutely safe and very comfortable. Able to find any information to compare prices and products, using an intuitive interface when you purchase a product that has been implemented by the team Aport for the convenience of users.

It is very important that the user has had the opportunity to get the latest information about the project and interesting suggestions. So in the near future it is planned to implement the integration with social networks and creating their own blog, where you will be able to communicate with users and a lot of useful information.

Blog of Apples will be realized with the aim of conveying to the user interesting and useful information. The latest news from leading manufacturers, reviews of new products, exchange of opinions on products and shops in the domestic market. It is assumed that information on the blog Aport will be easy to read, interesting for all categories of users, and have high practical value.

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