How to find hidden electrical wiring

How to find hidden electrical wiring

Very often during renovations need to find hidden electrical wiring. For example, you have decided to redevelop and creating a new opening in a place where there was none before. May occur the breakage of the electric circuit and so on. To search for transactions you don’t even need to call the master, but all searches hold their own.

Use a metal detector

Firstly, it is possible to make a metal detector with his hands. This homemade device can help to find the transaction even under a 10 cm layer of finishing materials. A diagram of the metal detector you can find online and collect from make-shifts.

Device for locating posting

Secondly, you can buy a special device to search for the transaction, but this method will work, if the person is not tense about money. Using these devices will not only wire and coaxial cable, twisted pair, and even determine the fault. The most commonly used indicator E-121, which defines clearly the wire and allows you to search at a depth of 7 cm, which is enough for household jobs. On the market is the indicator of the Chinese production of «MS». Users, the like no, but you must contrive to deal with them, and to distinguish the cable from the nails, so the instrument reacts to them exactly the same sound. There are other detectors, such as the GVD-504A, POSP-1, and so on.


The third method is the thermal imager. Such a device gives excellent results but is very expensive, if you buy it for personal use. However, you can use the service of a master who leaves with a thermal imager, conducts a full examination and submits a report, from which it will be clear what is posting where there are burnt wires and so on.

Traditional methods

You can use flat screwdriver, but only if the transaction is not deep, and at the time of the search will be energized.

But, if we ignore all the newfangled devices in the past century, our ancestors too somehow found fault in the wiring. First of all, in Khrushchev’s homes, if the walls to remove all plaster, grooves are always a different color from the rest of the surface of the wall. Another way radio is tuned to the frequency of 100 kHz and down to the supposed place of passage of the electric cable, in these areas the receiver will be enhanced to make noise. So use the microphone from a tape recorder. You should know that all old-fashioned methods give strong accuracy of about 15 cm.

There are more intuitive methods of searching for the cable. All the wires are located strictly in the horizontal or vertical direction, i.e. over the switch or socket it is impossible to hammer in nails. Also, the danger area is 15 inches from the floor or ceiling. Knowing these simple rules, you can sketch a wiring diagram, but to make large allowances for error in the calculations, with the reassurance of a metal detector.

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