How to find a designer and work for housing repair

How to find a designer and work for housing repair

How to find a designer and working to repair the housing? Think about it not everyone, but in my life, probably, everyone, at least once in a lifetime encounters with the repair. To what extent do you personally participate in the repair, depends on your physical capabilities, desires and skills. Making home repairs or apartment (I as lucky), after determining the approximate budget you may be faced with the question: to invent everything yourself, or still use the services of a designer.

The choice of the designer or Agency design

The answer to this question depends (in addition to Finance, of course) first of all, from your imagination and ability to bring it to life. By asking the question to invite a designer or not, think about it, who knows better than you what you need kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Besides not the fact that you will get a good design Agency or an experienced designer, adequate, able to accommodate all your wants and needs. Often experience with an interior designer leaves negative memories.

Of course, it is impossible to scratch all under one comb, but, as practice shows many, especially those that do not live in the capital and a couple of giant cities, with designers in the country all sad. As a rule, they work on the template, mainly reworking the model apartment in a typical «remodeled apartment. Besides, given the mass of resources online with ideas for a repair, you may take a risk and try yourself in the role of designer. Will not be worse, because You do «for myself» and no one better than you knows what you want. And in particular the interior of his apartment. Very often the comments and reviews of people who have decided to implement their ideas without the help of a designer, help you not to make unnecessary mistakes. So BudLine – interior design Studio with lots of experience and heavy portfolio looks much more convincing than the designer of no repute.

So, if You decided to bring the company to design and repair:

  • rate the past work;
  • try to make sure that it is really the work of this company (Yes, this is possible! );
  • a contract, of course after reading;
  • discuss not only the main direction of the repair, but also the little things;
  • not save your time for a couple of personal meetings;
  • do not rush the designer, the project is not created in a week, and with the drawings and layout on the average 2 to -2. 5 months;
  • see interior layouts on the monitor on which they were created;
  • don’t skimp on supervision of the repair;

Starting a repair, sometimes, it seems that a lot of things you can do yourself. Especially if the budget is small. Of course, you can! Provided that the hands are growing where necessary and have at least basic skills. But there are areas where the beginner should not meddle. When it comes to personal safety, it is better to spend money on electricity. And to save the family budget in the future and of peaceful relations with neighbours living below, to invite plumbing is not excessive. Same can be said regarding tiles: put yourself is quite real, but are you sure that it is a year or two will not disappear on your foot, or worse in the head.

Can anyone not agree, saying that the modern tile adhesive holds everything. And all provided that it’s properly diluted. You say: there are all written. It is written, but written based on the fact that all storage conditions are met and you bought the original product and not a fake. A good master knows what kind of consistency should be a mixture suitable for use. And can sort out the situation, to increase or decrease its density. And if you can? Can continue indefinitely, considering the various types of work, choose all the same to you. There’s «to be or not to be», in the sense of to invite, or not.

If you decided to bring in masters:

  • best if the master will recommend the people You trust (Yes, it smacks of «scoop», but such is the mentality of our fellow citizens);
  • if master found on Craigslist, ask for contacts of his previous customer (Yes, this may seem inconvenient» situation, but a categorical refusal to call phone, e-mail, have reason to think);
  • do not skimp on the masters (you do bad, you will have to change it, it’s Your extra expenses);
  • never give advance payment for work (better to pay for each stage of a job well done, then it will be the motivation with this work to be done);
  • if the materials purchased by the master, ask for receipts for everything (save your money, they You still need);
  • monitor each stage of the work (You don’t want to fall down from the ceiling sheet of drywall, which is the master somehow «forgot» to tie);

Invite designer here budline.kiev/remont_kvartir/ or not to do the repair yourself, or wizards, depends on you. Only if you have already decided to invite the workers –in any case not to save on the wizards. And again: control, constant control!

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