How to feed the newborn baby: what and when to enter?

How to feed the newborn baby: what and when to enter?

Every mother wonders how to feed the newborn baby. Nutrition is very important in the life of the little man. For proper development a child needs to receive all the necessary vitamins and elements in sufficient quantity and in a timely manner.

Feeding infant

In the first hours of a child’s life need to think about lactation. As soon as the baby was born you have to put him to the breast. Not to worry, that no more milk at this stage the child enough colostrum, most importantly, he felt that mother is near. Physical contact is very important for psychological comfort of the baby should be with its mother from the first seconds and arrive in one maternity ward, only then he formed the proper setting for breastfeeding. To exclude the additional feeding from a bottle, at least until the first breastfeeding. Ideally, if a child eats it is better to avoid food completely. Sucking from a bottle to a child is much easier than from the mother’s breast, so it is likely that after the artificial feeding, he absolutely refuses to eat from the breast. If there is no urgent need, pacifiers also better not to give the child to him was not used to, and was waiting for the breast feedings and he has enough strength to them.

Not worth it to feed your baby hourly, his psychological state would be better if he will to the breast on demand. Then he won’t be hungry and psychological state it will be quiet. Different children need different amounts of time on one feeding, someone sucking on quickly and intensively, and who it is not easy for time and need a lot more.

For full breastfeeding is extremely important night feeding, because that time stands out the hormone that is responsible for lactation. If your baby is awake you need to attach it to your chest and give as much time as he needs to eat. However, if the baby is sleeping peacefully, it is not necessary to Wake him to feed. If he’s not waking up, then fed. In this case, to maintain lactation, you can use a breast pump and Express milk.

It is not necessary to give the baby any additional fluids. Everything needed is contained in breast milk. You must give the child to suck milk from the breast completely before shifting it to another. Because hind milk contains important elements and differs from the composition from the front. It is not necessary to Express milk between feedings, it will disrupt the process of milk production, because it stands out as much as you need a particular child.

We all know that it is better and healthier breast milk for the baby nothing. But there are cases when breastfeeding is not possible, then come to the aid of a dry adapted milk formulas, such as Nutrilon.

Before choosing a particular blend, it is better to consult a doctor. There are some rules which should adhere to when artificial feeding. For mixing use only clean container, the mixture can be heated or left for the next feeding, dilute the mixture only strictly according to instructions. Feed the baby milk, and the Breasts should be on demand, gradually increasing the amount of mixture. On the first day of life is not more than 10 g per feeding. By the tenth day of life baby should eat about 100 grams at each feeding. But don’t panic if these numbers will be different, because each child is different as an adult can be ready to eat a lot one day and almost nothing in another.

First solid foods: what and when to enter?

All that gives the child food other than breast milk and a special milk mixture, belong to the lure. Many young mothers often hear that word, but don’t know when you need to try to give in addition to milk, new product baby and how to do it. Because often it happens that the moms, after listening to the advice of her friends, grandparents and friends to feed baby fruits and juices before the recommended time. And not all of consult with your pediatrician about this.

But we must remember that because of ignorance of the terms and rules of introduction of first complementary foods can significantly harm the health of your child. And that pediatricians advise moms many years ago, most are irrelevant, but rather the approaches to the issues of child nutrition has changed dramatically.

When the child reaches 4 months, you can try to add in the diet of new product. Pediatricians advise to give the child at the beginning of porridge, preferably buckwheat or rice or corn. But children who suffer from constipation, it is better to give buckwheat or corn, as rice can strengthen. To replace milk in cereal from dry mix. Despite the fact that the price of Nutrilon premium 1 more cow’s milk, the mixture is much better and safer.

The store is now for sale a large selection of instant non-dairy and milk porridge. To add a dairy-free breast milk, and in milk – warm boiled water. Manufacturers now produce cereal grain cereals, you can add in the dried fruit (e.g., rice, buckwheat). It gives baby the second feeding. First, you can give a couple of teaspoons of foods and each day the volume should increase.

It is necessary to watch, that was not allergic to the product. Pediatricians now say that in addition to the morning feeding porridge, you can give it again tonight. After about a week will offer vegetables as a puree, and again it is better to heat a few teaspoons as it says on the tin.

You can make mashed potatoes and the most. For this recommend buying veal, Turkey or rabbit. The meat is boiled, and then pulverized in a blender along with the vegetables. Some people prefer to buy ready-made vegetable puree, they are closely monitored for production, do not contain additives, preservatives and dyes. First time, you can cook the broccoli or cauliflower. These vegetables are good to prevent constipation in children.

To introduce vegetables is recommended in the third feeding. Since about seven months, start to give the meat of animals or poultry. It can be daily added to the vegetable puree. If you buy meat sauce in the store, the label can be read composition, age period (e.g., 5+) and the volume at which to start (usually with half spoon).

With 7 months also try to add baby food egg yolk. Once you start with a few grams of yolks, then increase to 1/2 pieces, mixing with mother’s milk or by adding to the vegetable puree. After it is recommended to use the juice and mashed fruit.

When the child reaches 8 months, you can start to include in his diet fish meat. It is very rich with nutrients. We should start with a few teaspoons. Cheese doctors do not recommend to give up years as a child in this period gets enough protein with milk and meat. If you give meat and cheese, it will increase the burden on the kidneys.

In any case, every child is different, and starting to introduce solid foods, you should consult with your doctor. If, for example, a child plagued by constipation, it will first begin to offer pureed vegetables, then meat, and then porridge.

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