How to equip the attic: a practical guide

How to equip the attic: a practical guide

How to equip the attic? There was a time when in the attic was the students. And now it is considered prestigious to have a future can afford not poor people. For the arrangement of the attic requires a good wit and a large amount of money. This room becomes the next level is underneath the apartment. In this area are usually placed children’s, bedrooms and offices, while the downstairs are kitchen, dining room, living room. But if the area of the attic is big enough, can fit flat completely.

How to make a choice

What will happen in the attic, and what to plan, is decided by the owners. A lot depends on the number of living people, and whether the children in the family. The attic can be open, that is in a Studio, but can be divided into rooms.

For a small child need some peace and quiet, and the children in the attic will provide these conditions. Because it is comfortable, placing the baby to sleep upstairs, and downstairs you can safely go about their business without disturbing your sleeping child. And the unusual window, round, or have a triangular shape and wall slope will be for a child’s imagination something fabulous and mysterious.

If often come to visit relatives or friends, the upstairs bedrooms will be very useful. There you can find the area for the bathroom. And falling asleep, you can watch and admire the stars in the night sky.

The attic is a great place to study, in this cozy place is easy to focus on work. So this place is perfect for all creative people, whether painter or musician. Even the attic are often not equipped gyms and pool, it all comes down to a money issue, not everyone can afford it. It is important not to splurge on the purchase of Windows and to make the attic light. Today the cost of installing skylights is very normal and to let her be able to many.

All necessary construction specialists and technique you can find here. Use the services of professionals and you will not have to pay for alterations, and marriage.

The embodiment of the ideas

Difficult for designers to equip the attic. After all, this is an unusual room in which straight wall. And here the ceiling is low, so furniture should not be forced anywhere. And the attic seemed more spacious, paint it the lighter shades.

Not to everyone’s liking wall with a slope, and then include straight walls, thereby reducing the area of the room. But behind the walls it is convenient to do invisible to the other cabinets for storage. A lot of people uses every corner of the room, making shelves, lighting fixtures niche, thus making housing more comfortable and original. To comfort was guaranteed to seek the advice of knowledgeable designers who suggest to do the walls, floor and furniture of the same color.

The presence at the top of the beams is necessary, although not to everyone’s liking. Fact There is also a space, it can be used to attach lights or any decorative elements, is attached to this fantasy.

The choice of the Windows

The window is a very important moment in the regeneration of the attic. Because it needs a large amount of light. If you want to, you can glaze the entire roof, special curtain to close as needed to close. Dormer Windows effectively protect from rain and other annoyances of the weather. Window for attic consist of boxes and frames – as normal Windows. But the glass in them is very strong, they serve the function of the roof. Single-chamber glazing and good air-tightness of such Windows mandatory, otherwise water will get inside. And they are different from conventional Windows design opening. Thanks to its Central axis, the frame of the window turns 180 degrees. It makes window cleaning very comfortable.

Communications attic

To conduct the necessary communication you need a lot of effort and patience. Attic heated boilers, a variety of options offline. Or do fireplaces, chimney problems, absolutely not. And the water extends from the General system of the house. But for electricity to hold a different cable, at the top of the load above.

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