How to equip a small hallway in the apartment?

How to equip a small hallway in the apartment

If you think objectively, the deficiencies in the hallway have a minimum of free space, narrow passage, low ceilings. And the presence of numerous shelves and stands often turns this part of the apartment is not in the pantry, not in the pantry.

How to equip a small hallway in the apartment? To change the situation will help the advice of experienced designers. In particular, it is necessary to be guided by the principle of minimalism: less furniture, less accessories and decor.

How to make the space ergonomic?

Here are a few simple recommendations:

  • use all the niches and corners. The optimal solution is to manufacture furniture under the order, based on the features of the layout of a particular room.
  • choose sturdy flooring that will not put you to any trouble. For example, ceramic tile is very durable, it is easy to keep clean.
  • it is better to abandon the use of dark colors.
  • modern interior hallways often assume the presence of a complex of stools, poufs, stools. It is not mandatory, but very useful attributes for this area.
  • use all the space up to the ceiling. For example, on the upper attic, shelves can be conveniently placed stuff, seasonal clothes that you wear rarely.

Are defined with furniture

The presence of drawers and a large mirror in the hallway more than reasonable. In the chest directly at him, you can put any small things, including keys, phone charger – in short what we usually forget in a hurry going to work.

To draw the attention of designers recommend and wardrobes, made to order. In this case, one piece of furniture will have several useful features: multiple shelves and hangers allow convenient positioning shoes, clothes, perhaps seasonal, and the presence of the mirrors on the doors visually expand the space.

By the way, when planning the internal filling Cabinet for hallway, it is possible to predict the presence of certain offices, e.g. for hoods, caps, and other trifles.

How to increase the space?

The easiest and most affordable way is to abandon the use of thresholds and conclude the same flooring in the bathroom, the hallway and the hallway. This will create a sense of common space.

If the hallway is quite small, and to establish even a corner closet is not possible, note on Shoe racks and Shoe cabinets narrow. Also in one of the corners you can install a small hanger.

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