How to equip a children’s room in your home


Equip the nursery should not as room for adults. It is important to think about every little thing. If the child has reached the age of reason, it is advisable to consult with him. For very young family members the main criterion in the arrangement of the room is safety for high — functionality. The room size is not very important, as long as it’s bright and warm, but it is desirable and necessary space for games. Well, if the room is not walkable and is near my parents.

The Windows in the nursery

Unfortunately, in the professional literature about the arrangement of children’s rooms almost do not remember about security, and this is a very important point. Now on the market presents so many various accessories, which will not allow the child to open the window. Special handles, locks, guides opening Windows will help to save a child from an accident. Young explorers interested in everything. In search of adventure, they completely forget about security.

Furniture for children’s room

Furniture is best to choose a wooden. It should match the child’s age. In furniture for the nursery should be as small as possible sharp corners and details. Toys on the shelves place so the baby was able to get them. A good option for older kids — closet. Its doors can be decorated according to the taste of the child.

The floor in the baby’s room

Children’s safety plays a key role in the arrangement of the room. Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers use poor quality materials for the manufacture of flooring. Experts recommend make the floor of the flooring, although the laminate or linoleum is much more practical. Floors should not be slippery, it would not hurt to lay a Mat of natural materials.

The walls in the nursery

Most kids love to draw, in particular, and on the walls. If you have a growing young artist — choose Wallpaper that can be painted. Walls can be painted, decorate paintings, posters, attached stadiometer.

In children’s rooms, as a rule, a lot of toys, especially soft. It is necessary that the room was as less as possible items that will accumulate dust. Therefore, toys should be stored in cabinets. There are convenient baskets for toys with lids.

If children are very small, the socket should be closed with plugs, and the switch place at this level that the kid can turn on the light.

Children’s room equipped in bright colors. But psychologists say that too many bright colors excite the mind, and the color of the walls in the room must have a positive impact on the child. The room should give peace of mind, so they are advised to choose pastel light colors. You can use the Wallpapers for the children. It is advisable that the kid has participated in their selection. Today the stores offer a wide range of wall decals, door handles in the form of Teddy bears and cartoon characters, chandeliers in the form of a train and other things that delight children. You can arrange a room in the form of a pirate ship or a fairytale castle, but considering the wishes of the child. Don’t forget about the wall thermometer.

On the ceilings for children’s rooms

On sale is a Wallpaper depicting a starry sky stickers-stars that glow after light-off, more.

Berth must not be placed near the battery. Bed linen should be made from natural materials, with bright paintings, images of favorite fairy tale characters. Don’t forget to take care about choosing a bed mattress because it affects the health of the child. It is best to choose a baby mattress. If two children, and the free space in the room very little like a bunk bed. They are often equipped with small lockers that can serve as a ladder. Very comfortable furniture (from the bottom —a table or tables, and the top bed).

The chandelier should be good to scatter light. And since most kids are afraid of the dark, take care of small night light. Set the children some technique is a moot point. After all, the children is likely to have his own tablet or computer.

It is very important not to clutter the room and arrange it according to age characteristics of the child. If possible, install here the Swedish wall or a small children’s sports complex.

Of course, many families can only sigh and dream about the nursery. In this case, it should at least equip a children’s area. The child must have something that belongs only to him, to have their own space, even if it’s just a bed and a small table.

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