How to distinguish a washing machine of the European Assembly

How to distinguish a washing machine of the European Assembly

In the unit most people are inclined to models of washing machines, collected in Europe. A special niche in the premium segment is occupied by German manufacturers Siemens, AEG, Bosch, Electrolux. Due to the high technical characteristics, this technique has a high price. So, Bosch and Siemens – the average price category, which you can afford without a significant impact on the wallet. The elite brand is Electrolux, but its high cost inhibits widespread in our country.

The advantages of German washing machines

About German thoroughness, heard everything, and the cult of the high German quality and is ingrained in the minds of buyers. Not surprising, because washing machines are German builds are different:

  • the highest efficiency class and washing (class A, A+), advanced and «smart» menu.
  • long service life (7 to 15 years);
  • excellent quality of washing, to fulfil their responsibilities thoroughly and reliably;
  • great «mileage» between service.

Exposing the myths

The fact that concepts like «German Siemens», the conditional, and the geography of production is much wider. To reduce the labor costs and reduce kilometer to a potential buyer, well-known brands often open company factories in southern (Spain, Italy) and Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Poland). However, production control, moved to another country, meets high quality standards according to the European ISO system, and the remote enterprise is subject to more stringent inspection, not to «stain» the name of the manufacturer. Regardless of the stamp of level of quality corresponds to the class of the brand.

How to determine the place of Assembly of the washing machine?

The main danger lies in the fact that prestigious brands are constantly trying to forge. So, the washing machine of the European Assembly are at least middle class, so the price of 10-15 thousand is a reason to be suspicious. This technique is cost exceeds 20-25-thousand-dollar limit, which also depends on the dollar. The original technique are offered only in major stores authorized dealers. The addresses of such points can be found online on the websites of the missions. Directly in the store to verify the reliability of the machines difficult, and here to write its serial number on the official website of the manufacturer to find the necessary data easily.

Important! Original equipment transported across the border, always accompanied by: warranty card, a well-stamped manual and quality certificate with a signature stamp.

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