How to disassemble a single-lever mixer

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Today manufacturers offer a huge number of different types of faucets which are significantly different from those that the consumer used a couple of decades ago. And in order to know how to disassemble a single lever mixer does not necessarily have superior skills, but rather to follow the instructions.

The types of single lever faucets

  1. Disc faucet models , the most famous of all types of mixers. The water is supplied in two tubes, then goes for mixing in a cartridge. Using metal or metal-ceramic discs, which play the role of stopper, regulates the temperature and force of the water pressure.
  2. Ball faucets, which are also a simple design, not difficult to disassemble with hand wrenches and Allen keys, screwdriver etc.

Suggest not to buy the mixer itself, but to see a specialist he knows how to choose a faucet that would have served more than one year.

Instruction of disassembly of the mixer, if the cartridge is out of order

  1. With a screwdriver or knife to get the red or blue cap.
  2. Using the key remove the screw securing the lever of the regulating rod.
  3. Need to get to the cartridge and the regulating rod by removing the lever. Quality stock is made usually of brass, to which is attached a plastic cap. The cartridge can be reached via the unscrewing of the clamping nut, which is divided into brittle with grooves on top or nuts fat faces.
  4. Then take out the ink cartridge, having remembered his original location in the housing of the mixer and pay attention to the condition of the rubber seal, which should be better silicone than rubber. The cartridge should be replaced only on completely seems like the diameter of the product of the same size, and often it will not be repaired.
  5. A new cartridge must be inserted in the desired position and lock in corresponding recesses successively to collect the mixer.

Ball faucets and how they work

The basis of ball faucets is stainless steel ball has three holes, two of which serve the water, and one of them takes it after mixing in the outlet pipe. Such a layer located in a ball sleeve with a durable rubber seats, which in case high pressure water is in contact with him. The stem causes the ball to move and rotate, which affects the strength of water pressure, which is directly connected with more or less open world. The most common problems associated with the operation of the ball mixer, occurs when reducing the size of the water jet at the exit that causes discomfort. To get rid of the problem in just ten minutes.

  1. In a place where a faucet pours, you need to remove the nut.
  2. Then remove the mesh wash it and clean it, then insert the opposite.
  3. To secure your place on the nut.

In order for preventive work related to the care of single lever mixers, it is best to set these filters and they should buy only from reliable firms.

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