How to design a hallway in the apartment

how to create a design-prixozhej

The most controversial place in the apartment’s hallway. On the one hand, the family spent less time, and with another – that’s the part that guests see first. On it is judged on the taste of the owner, so the hallway design is thought out carefully. Therefore, it is important to create a design hallway in the apartment, so he made a positive impression on the guests and created a good mood.

When creating the interior hallway, it is important to show that it begins the territory of the apartment owners. No matter what shape – a long corridor or hall two by two, on the design of the hallway should be clear that this is not a continuation of the landing, and part of a separate apartment. Before creating the design of the hallway in the house, you need to decide which Internet furniture store will provide all the necessary items of furniture.

What and where to use designing modern bedroom design

The design of the hallway create a different from the rest of the interior rooms. To visually separate, have resorted to various techniques. The most affordable and simple ways is taping the unusual Wallpaper or flooring.

The design of the halldepends on the size of the room. If the hallway is small, it is recommended to use light shades in the walls and the floor, it will expand the space. The materials should be durable. Cleaning will not take much effort, if for the walls and used a washable Wallpaper or decorative plaster.

For ideal floor tiles in porcelain stoneware. In the list of acceptable flooring for the hallway says:

  • laminate;
  • carpet;
  • linoleum.

Thinking through the interior design hallway, I remember this feature as the lack of Windows. This means that natural light is almost negligible. To solve the problem in different ways. Depending on the project of apartments can be made transparent partition between the room and hallway.

But without lights still not enough. If the apartment has high ceilings and lounge area allows, set a real chandelier. For small hallways, out inbuilt.

Decor and furniture

It is hard to imagine the hall without a mirror. In the design it will certainly take into account. It is important not only to find the place for it, but to illuminate, for example, using the wall or a built-in backlight.

The second important element of the hallway is the furniture. Depending on needs and lifestyle, selected the furniture. Current trends in the design of the living space, it is recommended to make the home space more spacious and not clutter furniture. In the hallway it may be a small hanger and a pair of original chairs, which will provide the furniture store of Saratov or your place of residence.

The demand for cabinets, tables, suitable for small apartments, is always great. Therefore, the market adjusts and produces two items in one. That is a bedside table for shoes and simultaneously serves as chair. Enough on the cover to put a soft pillow.

In the design of the hall for people to do without a wardrobe. This roomy space, for a long time had people to taste. However, in small spaces, wardrobe will limit and perhaps in this residential area should be discontinued or placed in the bedroom.

The style of the interior hallway, also choose based on the area. If the hallway is a spacious, country style with a small wooden furniture. Choosing a classic style, the main attributes of the hallway you should make a mirror, paintings, delicate lamps and stands for flowers.

The design of a small hallway is also can be designed in a modern style hi-tech. The minimum amount of furniture will make the hall is compact and functional. As decoration are chosen chrome accessories.

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