How to decorate the bathroom with plants?

How to decorate the bathroom with plants?

How to decorate a bathroom living plants, not many people know. Natural flowers make the habitation of man cozy and comfortable. And bath is no exception, because it is of great importance in human life, because to take a bath among the variety of flowers and smells very nice. But you need to know which plants can be placed in the bathroom, and what is not recommended. The correct approach to this question will help you in the future to avoid many of the problems associated with the cultivation of flowers in the bathroom.

What plants can be placed in the bathroom?

All the flowers that grow in the bathroom must be water-loving and normally carry artificial light sources. It can be certain types of tropical plants, of course, it should be nesvetaylova plants and flowers normally tolerate extremes of temperature. It is important to water your plants, despite the high humidity in the bathroom.

For normal growth of plants in the conditions of the bathroom you need to thoroughly think through the sources of artificial light and heat. For these purposes, perfect fluorescent lamps, today the store their selection is great. You can also buy a special lamp for growing flowers. Using water towel, sdvk/Polotentsesushiteli/Vodyanye/s-bokovym-podklyucheniem/, it is possible to heat adjacent plants and reduce humidity.

It often happens that only your own experience can show what plants will fit perfectly into the interior of the bathroom and will develop normally under these conditions, and to delight the owner with its splendor.

Of course the plants that live in the bathroom – it’s decoration, but on the other hand they take up a lot of space. You need to be able to correctly distribute the plants in the bathroom will be beautiful and good.

How to place plants in the bathroom?

Large woody plants or flowers with large crowns can be put on the floor in the bathroom, so they do not restrict movement. About the shower system, it is not recommended to put the plants, as they can accidentally fill with water or damage.

Flowers large, carved leaves will fit perfectly on the windowsill of the bathroom. It can be scattered in a garden of various plants according to your taste. But if the sill is not wide, it’s easy to arrange the flowers on the shelves at different heights. At the beginning of the shelves can be painted in different colors or decorate in any other way. This bathroom interior is unusual and interesting.

Hanging or climbing plants put on the lockers and send them the stems along the walls of the bathroom. To do this, pull the string or fishing line, for which the plant would cling to their shoots.

To flowers in the bathroom you need a lot of attention and respect, be attentive. No need to place them in the washing machine or in the sink. Plant the creepers must not enter the doors of the cabinets, as they can easily be damaged and it may lead to the death of the flower. See that plants do not fall household chemicals, toothpaste, make use of the plants as far as possible from the sink and the bathtub. Walk flowers on the balcony, so that they were filled with fresh air.

Flowers in the bathroom – it’s beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, attractive, but at the same time and very troublesome. But if you chose this interior, then continue on and flowers will repay you with their gratitude, because it is just fabulous after working hours to enjoy a bath with the beauty of flowering plants in the shower.

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