How to decorate a wall with their hands — tips for decorating ingeniera

How to decorate a wall with their hands - tips for decorating ingeniera

How to decorate the wall with your hands? Everyone wants to the walls of his apartment not only defended him, but was nicely decorated and pleasing to the eye.

Decide what to decorate the wall

After the repair, many people have had the feeling of unfinished trim in the room. This time they take a decision later to decorate the interior, simultaneously solving the following two problems:

  • everything in the room has to be aesthetically beautifully designed;
  • accessories over time should not bother the owners.

Most residents decorate the walls old time-tested options such as bookshelves, family photos, various patterns or hours.

Even with these things you can create by far not boring, but rather an exclusive interior in his own apartment with minimal financial investment.

Before you start decorating rooms, it is very important to determine the theme decorations. After all, some of the elements of the decor will look better in a room where they see it is appropriate, and, conversely, others may be suitable for any room in the house. For example, plates and jugs should be on hand in the kitchen, not the bedroom, etc.

Simple ways to decorate a wall

If you consider versatile items that can be used for decoration of apartment in any of its rooms, it is possible to designate such popular decor elements:

  1. Mirror. In most cases, they often can be seen in the bedroom or bathroom and not in the other rooms. This subject, properly placed in the living room can visually add square of this room. Very creative will look like a wall, decorated with different length and width mirrors. If any mirror to give a nice frame in a modern style, it will definitely add freshness and can liven up any type of interior.
  2. Watches are the most functional part of the decor. Rather original decision in the house if to place on one wall, several clocks that can be configured so that each of them counted the time from the moment in certain cities.
  3. Paintings depicting the beautiful scenery, mouth-watering still life or someone else’s magic portrait are still the leading items most often used in the decoration of the premises. If you are familiar with Aivazovsky Ivan and his paintings, you can use these wonderful landscapes.
  4. Any Souvenirs brought back from distant journeys, or simply traveling, you could view not only to recall the good days, but also originally decorate the interior.

When decorating your home, you should not limit yourself to the above items, because this is not a complete list. Everything here depends only on available opportunities, and most importantly imagination of man.

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