How to decorate a living room with paintings

How to decorate a living room with paintings

How to decorate living room with pictures? Living room is the main room in the apartment or the house in which the owners spend a lot of time, meeting guests. And, then, the interior of this «center of gravity» should have to communicate, to be comfortable, harmonious and at the same time original.

To create the living atmospherein which you want to return that does not bother with the time, there are different elements of decor – figurines, flower vases, beautiful glassware, candlesticks and, of course, paintings. What pattern can give the interior a complete.

The selection of paintings for the living room primarily depends on the overall style of the interior.

Modern interior

The stylish, modern interior get along well as simple posters, paintings without frames or prints, and full artwork in the style of surrealism or abstractionism. Here you can experiment, choosing a bold, stylish, asymmetrical image.

Classic interior

Classic prefers the original paintings of the masters, does not accept reproductions and copied images. The picture must be issued in a beautiful strict framesthat can be decorated in different techniques, but to emphasize a conservative, classic style.

The rustic interior

In the interior, where the Central place is assigned to natural materials, the unity with nature is very appropriate will be paintings of flowers, plants, animals, wonderful landscapes. Often in this natural interior Wallpaper prefer that, too, in its way, is a picture in the wall. To make identity and creativity in an interior will help embroidered pictures of various subjects paintings or panels.

The types of paintings are suitable for interior room

So, we can identify the main types of paintings for living room interior:

  • pictures in frames, painted with acrylic, oil paints, watercolor or pastel;
  • pattern, embroidered in different techniques: counted cross stitch, surface, ribbons, beads, diamond, embroidery;
  • photos printed on photo paper, cardboard or fabric, a modular pattern;
  • pencil drawings on a variety of topics: drawings, portraits, animals, etc.;
  • paintings, murals and prints made with artificial and plant materials (flowers, branches, grasses, etc.).

The rules for placement of paintings in the interior

To picture looked well in any interior, it is necessary to adhere to certain principles:

  1. Paintings should be placed on the empty wall to the interior and decor was not the distraction.
  2. The background on which is located the picture must be monochromatic, perhaps in relief, but without the bright colors and patterns.
  3. The color scheme of the picture should be combined with the shades of other decorations and harmoniously fit into the overall mood of the room.
  4. The picture should be placed slightly above eye level for better perception.
  5. For a small living room is better to choose patterns with a large subject in the center or perspective that allow you to expand the space, and in a large room appropriate to be a significant pattern with many small details.
  6. To make the interior more alive and dynamic will let the asymmetric arrangement of different size paintings. And, conversely, to give your interior rigor and order, you can use the symmetrical arrangement of several paintings of the same size.

By following these principles, placing paintings in the interior, and connecting fantasy, you can create a cozy living room, which will delight owners and guests day after day. But if you still want to change something, then you can simply hang up the other patterns and thereby to cool the interior in the living room.

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