How to decorate a living room in orange tones?

How to decorate a living room in orange tones

If you decide to design living room in orange tones, this is a great opportunity to make it bright and rich. In a room this color will never be room for sadness and longing. The orange color always brightens tenants mood and positive. But, when creating the interior living room in this color is still not necessary to forget about observance of standard regulations.

Who is the orange palette in the interior

Orange color palette is perfect for active people on the planet that if there is no activity and movement cannot be accommodated. The guest room in orange color often make people quite creative professions: artists, musicians, designers or actors. When the room will be orange tone, the owner will always greet guests in a positive state of mind. But most importantly, it should be remembered that the orange room can cause emotional stress and added anxiety. So this room will suit not to all inhabitants of the planet. Therefore, when creating living room design in orange color you need to complement it with another palette.

How to combine the orange color in the living room?

The orange color blends perfectly with many other colors. It can be safely combined with black color. Decorated so the room looks more noticeable. If for interior design living room applied orange and white color, the room will look like spring. With this combination you can give the dwelling the ease and fresh look. Gray also perfectly complements the orange. If to arrange the room in a orange-and-turquoise palette, the room will look bright and summery. This combination will be associated with the sea, the sun and the heavenly deep.

During the design of the interior living room, you need to pay attention to the accessories: curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, pillows, etc. But if you decide to paint the walls a bright orange color, you should choose furniture bedding and delicate tones. But if you had decided to make the wall a soft orange color, the furniture should choose more bright colors. For the more eccentric people you can offer the design of a small living room in orange tones. Iranian chandelier in bronze can accent the elegance of the interior. But such monotony can quickly get bored and want something new. Living in orange colors, of course, look and are associated with happiness, but it is not necessary to overload them with a large number of colors.

The walls in this room are best made light peach color. The most beautiful it will look if they will go smoothly in gold tone. Due to its unusual color, Wallpaper on the walls can be as plain or with a bright pattern or ornament. Curtains should choose the color scheme with the upholstery or flooring. It is best to use curtains made of chiffon fabric.

With a bright orange color perfectly matches the furniture and pastel colours. In such living room furniture is better to choose gray or white, with cushions in bright orange and natural wood furniture. But, painting the room a pale orange, the furniture can be in bright juicy colors.

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