How to deal with Allergy in a newborn?

How to deal with Allergy in a newborn?

Infants often suffer from allergies. To identify it easily – a rash and redness on the skin. Kids suffer an Allergy is more complicated than adults. This disease does not depend on the breastfed baby or bottle-fed. In this article, you will learn how to deal with allergies in your baby?

Often young mothers are abusing citrus, nuts, seafood or diet includes a lot of eggs. These foods cause an allergic reaction in the body of the baby. Should be particularly attentive parents who themselves suffer from allergies. Because the cause of the disease can be heredity. Doctors say that the crumbs-iskusstvennyy more prone to allergies, because of the early lures.

Noticed that your baby often, peeling skin, rash acts, experience unexplained runny nose and he is suffering from bloating and irregular stool? Then most likely it is allergies.

Another cause of allergies – complications during pregnancy and childbirth heavy. Smoking, frequent colds and heart diseases, use of antibiotics during pregnancy also cause allergies in children.

Parents should be extremely attentive during the first feeding. Here without the advice of a pediatrician is not enough. He will tell you what products should be on the children’s table in order to avoid allergies. Be careful with medications. Almost all of them can cause a negative reaction from a baby, especially antibiotics.

In most cases, the Allergy manifests in the skin, such as rash, vesicles, flaking, redness or even angioedema. Suffering and stomach: constipation or green frothy stools, possible vomiting and abdominal pain. Appears allergic rhinitis and spasm in the bronchi. The last is the most dangerous. The voice of the child becomes hoarse, pale skin, shortness of breath and cough. In this case, do not delay and immediately call an ambulance. Will need to take a blood sample and to observe a very strict diet. Heavy children determine to the hospital. To avoid such consequences, the moms suggest keeping a diary of food. So it will be much easier to determine which product is the cause of allergies. Should not be excluded and Pets. Cute furry animals can also cause allergic child.

If you notice at least a small Allergy at the kid, try to eliminate from the diet chocolate, honey, milk, red berries and fruit. If the child on artificial diet, choose a hypoallergenic formula. Nursing mothers should go on a strict diet and to exclude from the diet all products that are likely to cause little negative reaction. Eat more dairy products, make a table of cereals, vegetable and meat dishes.

To relieve rash in baby, along with treatment, to properly care for the skin. Itchy allergic skin rashes, the child will have to annoy him, increase his nervousness, will be deprived of sleep and appetite. To fix it you can use skin care products «La foi», which is specifically designed for skin care of babies. Natural ingredients such as avocado oil, extract of violets, walnut, succession and licorice combined with panthenol will reduce inflammation and will bring baby’s skin back to normal.

If the baby is prone to allergies, spend a lot of time with him outdoors, and later enter solid foods, do not give medication with the dye and keep the house clean.

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