How to create the right interior in white color?

How to create the right interior in white color?

How to create the right interior in white color? Completely white room appears before the interior design is like a blank canvas on the easel of the artist. Unfortunately, the freedom of imagination can help in creating flawless in all respects of the interior, and can completely destroy it. Immediately raises many questions. What colors are advantageously combined with the milk-white walls? How to break the sense of monotony, and add to the atmosphere and visual flair? What style to choose the furniture to emphasize the advantages of living in ivory?

The trick is that complex tasks interesting. Everything has its technique, examine it and proceed. Try to combine colors and textures, create dynamic white space, you will love it.

How to choose your white color?

It would seem, what could be easier? The whitewashed ceiling, white laminate on the floor and the walls were painted with white paint. What about shades of white? Yes, there are. To pick up not so easy. A lot of options. In some white flowers to the warm shades, the other too cold, shining when dry, it should also be taken into account, correlating the color and architecture of your home.

The main thing when choosing the dominant house color and hints of details to keep in mind 3 things:

  1. halftone;
  2. natural lighting;
  3. finish.

Yellow shades make the white color more warm and thick, and the blue give a definition. Room with good natural light looks warmer, so it is possible to use a cooler shade of white, so as not to lose balance. Premises with a predominantly artificial lighting, especially if it’s led or fluorescent lights seem cool, so the decor, choose warm white.

Color combination: bet on proven options

Now, when the room is similar to the chambers of the Snow Queen, filled with hundreds of paint cans, and the right shade of «ice chalk» is found, there comes a difficult time implementing color into the living space. Do not be afraid of expansion of white space. Let it thus serve as the space that is needed imagination.

Neutral interior creates a white with warm, sand tones and accents of natural colors. Crisp, brilliant white and will make an excellent pair saturated blue. In this interior will live forever summer and the sound of the surf. If starched white add pink and yellow, with several black parts, get the interior in the Scandinavian style.

Regarding the pairwise combinations, the designers offer three options of combinations:

  • first – any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange. Because of too much contrast, it is better to use the metered colors, i.e. one color as the basis, and the rest as a modest addition to accents.
  • second – take one color and combine it with the other two, adjacent on the color wheel. This is the easiest and a win-win.
  • the third involves the use of colors to one color, for example, all shades of gray or blue. This approach creates a serene atmosphere in which you have to combine color and texture to create a visually appealing interior.

Select furniture

In any case it is impossible to relax at the stage of selection of furniture. Fundamentally wrong opinion is that any style or material will be appropriate. You should always stick to a specific topic and carefully plan the entire interior. Items with clean lines, cool materials such as metal, and clear corners will give the interior a resemblance to the modern art gallery.

Want to create a comfortable interior in a rustic style? Add light like bleached wood, and the sofas and chairs may be upholstered with linen. A large assortment you will be able to provide online furniture store the link.

Remember that carpet is a link that can connect the elements of the white room into a single ensemble. Rug choose the right size, so it is not distracting from the overall picture. In the living room carpet needs to be so large that all the furniture, including a sofa, armchairs and coffee table, able to easily accommodate.

Carpet can add depth and brighten a room, but it can reduce or even completely destroy the interior. Just choose what will be able to convey the General mood of the room, but at the same time will allow you to neatly fit all of the pieces of furniture.

Keep the balance

The biggest danger is encased in a white interior, the desire to stay within a neutral palette. It’s certainly not a mortal sin, but still, the most memorable rooms created using bright bold decisions that can add needed variety and, strangely enough, to create harmony.

There is a design rule «60-30-10» to support this most perfect harmony.

  • 60% of the room is at the main color scheme, this large surfaces: floors, ceilings, walls.
  • 30% is the secondary panel, is the soft furnishings and small elements of the situation.

Finally, 10% for accents such as artwork. It is better to stay on one thing, the still life in vintage frame, for example, because art is too powerful, but vases, table lamps or cushions may be three or five, that is, they can form the series.

Add a bit of greenery

Indoor plants in your interior is one way to create your own sanctuary, a refuge, where if you want to hide from the world. Greenery improves mental health and mood, in addition, it is the best way to break the monotony of white space a bright color accent.

There are two options stylish Botanical solutions. You can arrange the room an exotic jungle of banana and palm leaves, or various types of succulents. And you can bring a country spirit, spreading through the house Provencal herbs in pots, a bit of geranium and lemon balm and mint on the kitchen window. If you are afraid of losing green wards, for their permanent employment, choose undemanding plant, for example, aloe, Orchid Phalaenopsis, maidenhair fern, or a cactus, at worst.

Art for white interior

Of course, the choice of paintings and installations from the old bulbs is very personal, but still there are some General rules of selection of objects of art for the white space.

Crowded room suggests one, but a significant subject. In rooms without a particularly memorable architectural features, it is appropriate to create even a small private art gallery.

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