How to create an online shop for Haveshop

How to create an online shop for Haveshop

The idea to create an online store, visited a long time ago, but I never had enough time for a detailed study of the subject. Finally carved out a few days and rolled up their sleeves and got down to business. Though ashamed to admit it, but all of my independent endeavors failed there were problems with the installation of a ready-made template, problems arose with the study of the admin, and then did not have enough patience. So my attempts to create their own online resource and were not realized. But at the same time, the need to realize themselves in e-Commerce.

How to create an online store yourself

Having your own small business in real life (engaged in the sale of sports clothing), hoped to expand their business through a global web space. So I started to search for the artist on, but never found the right one, talked with 3 guys, but they couldn’t tell me a specific figure and to properly explain the conditions of work.

Where to create an online store

In General, one of the blogs or LJ, can’t remember exactly where, I came across a review of haveshop. I never thought that the user history is almost identical with my failed sample of independent site building and, as a consequence, appeal to the specialist. Having carefully considered the offer on the website and other haveshop the haveshop reviews online, I decided to use professional services for layout and website maintenance.

Contact web master Michael received detailed information about their next steps. Left brief of their vision for the future of the online store, including the style, color scheme and other details. At this point my effort is over, the artist began to work, which promised to submit to me not later than 7 days from the date of filing. Agree, one can see a clear and specific approach of a specialist who knows his business.

Online store – the best option

In the promised time, without any delay, has at its disposal a ready online shop «turnkey». Advantages of the resulting product are so many that to name them all. The weak highlight a few. From the publishers of Michael, the work was done on time, but there were some concerns about the lack of interim approvals with me. I thought I had to complement the ideas developed by their wishes and recommendations. In the end, no disagreement with the structure and design of the finished site arose, the idea was implemented, based on the wishes left by me in a previous brief. The next question was the lack of callback functions. The fact that I have repeatedly seen similar functionality in other online stores. But, as I explained to Michael, the location in the site structure button callback is possible, but for an additional charge, as a standard set of functions this service is not included. I booked the accommodation for this service, and discussed with him the prospects of promotion in my online shop. In the end, I place an order for the support and promotion of the site in the network.

Basic benefits of this service, we would like to highlight the most memorable. Loved that you created for me, the online project has an adaptive design. Now you do not have to worry about losing potential customers who are looking for something in the network through smartphones and tablets, because the website adapted to any modern mobile gadget. Also appreciated the concern of the contractor at the location of my resource on the hosting and registration of the domain name. The website works smoothly and without interruptions, and is one of the basic conditions for creating the image of a reliable online store. Still pleasantly surprised by the ease of website management through admin area. First, I had to use the instructions that you received along with the store from the contractor. Just a few independent actions in the system management section of the site was almost everything clear. In addition, was struck by the presence of many different modules and other features that are actually useful to a potential buyer.

Maybe my opinion about haveshop not the most detailed, but I tried to tell about their experiences. Thank you for your attention!

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