How to convert FLAC to MP3 without losing quality

How to convert FLAC to MP3 without losing quality

Sometimes you need to convert FLAC to MP3, quickly and without quality loss. So I’m supposed to overtake MP3 album Mickey Avalon that you just downloaded. Want it tomorrow to take on the beach listen.

I just want to mention the fact that to convert FLAC to MP3 is necessary only in the case where your device does not plays music in the format of FLACas my column. No other reason for this can not be. MP3 though popular, but not so high-quality audio format like FLAC.

In order to transfer music from FLAC to MP3 we will use «Video Converter from Movavi. Its interface is very simple and straightforward. Download the files in FLAC format, choose the quality of the future backup to MP3, specify a folder in which to save the album in MP3 format and click START. To obtain the most high quality sound it is recommended to set the level of audio quality «As original». This does not mean that the sound quality of MP3 music exactly the same as FLAC? but it will be as Viscom. Usually a bitrate of 320 kbit per second. There is also the option of converting files to MP3 floating bitrate value. In this case, it can vary from 128 to 320 kbit per second. in different places of the audio file depending on the complexity of the sound.

The conversion process from FLAC to MP3 and it took me about 7 minutes, but this one album. If you’ll convert more music, and time you will take more. The conversion time depends on the amount of RAM of your computer and CPU power. But, for the sake of your favorite music, you can wait.

Aside from converting FLAC to MP3 the program «Video Converter» so many other things. With its help, you will be able to:

  • Convert video and DVD to various formats
  • Convert video and DVD for mobile devices
  • Extract audio from video and convert audio
  • Image conversion
  • Change resolution and aspect ratio
  • Capture video and audio
  • Digitizing VHS tape
  • Video recording to disk
  • Creating and editing video and audio
  • Image editing
  • Publish video online
  • Creation of video presentations
  • Saving frames from video

As you can see, this is a small audio / video Studio. The film you will hardly be able, but ready video and audio files can change arbitrarily. This program can be recommended to those involved in videoperator, online cinemas and videobloom.

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