How to construct a guitar?

How to construct guitar

How to construct a guitar? About the structure of the guitar should know each guitar player to understand the principle of its functioning. Knowing the structure of his instrument, the musician will be able to achieve the perfect sound or quickly eliminate the slightest problem in sound quality.

The guitar is one of the most popular tools

Musical instruments are needed in order to use them, the musicians could play music. Each instrument has its own sound, everyone is trying at his level to convey emotions, feelings plays. When the musician plays, feels and the music and the instrument that makes the music, lies the soul.

The most common musical instruments in the acoustic class, of course, strings. Such tools are everywhere. They can be heard at concerts in the campaigns, at events and at home. They are very comfortable to carry and beautiful sound. Play the guitar, balalaika, at the blast furnace and other stringed instruments. Play with fingers or pick. The most popular such instrument is the guitar. Its all love listening to, many are trying to learn how to play it. What is camping without a guitar? Campfire songs, the shuffling of fingers on guitar strings. It’s not romantic. Guitar has a frequency range of 3.5 octaves. Because of this, at this musical instrument you can play a variety of tunes from sad to hilarious, from Blues to year. To purchase this tool, you can walk into any guitar shop in Moscow. However, choose a decent model can not everyone. For this we need to know how to construct a guitar.

Elements guitar

The main guitar is its case. It resembles a figure eight or a pear. A very important detail in case there is soundboard and fretboard. The lower and upper deck make up the body of the guitar. On the upper deck also has a resonator. It can be made of plastic, and more expensive tools, this can be mother of pearl or veneer. Upper deck also has a stand for strings.

Fingerboard fingerboard glued to the neck. And there are already nappily for frets. The neck is governed by the anchor with the hexagon wrench.

Wood, as an important factor in good guitar sound

The pledge of a good sounding guitar depends on what kind of wood it was made. The best thing for a guitar soundboard is mahogany wood, ash wood, rosewood. Many bass players really like the guitar that is made of Brazilian rosewood. They look beautiful and the sound is excellent. At the moment logging of this plant is prohibited. So replacing it with a similar tree from India. Now do guitar and of artificial material, such as plastic or acrylic. They have a very exotic and strange. But the synthetic material will never sound like wood.

Now became popular electric guitar, originally they were called «pans». Because they were made of metal, and resembled in appearance pans. Now electric guitar is made from one-piece body, and their shape does not change for a long time.

The emergence of jazz music has led to the manufacture of bass guitars. Base of the sound is electronics. These guitars were made of very expensive wood.

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