How to consider all the details at the wedding

How to consider all the details at the wedding

How to consider all the details at the wedding? Marriage isalways an exciting and amazing event in the life of young, as well as their friends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, grandparents and so on. Too many to mention all, why worry. The reasons are different. enough food – the mother worries whether there’s enough alcohol – I think the groom’s brother, what dress to wear to blend in with the overall picture – considering – best friend. All I want is that this event was held at the highest level and remembered by all for a long time.

Of course. no problem, you can contact any wedding Agency. where you will provide full range of services for a very small amount of funds. We will try to organize it yourself.

To do this:

  1. Courage
  2. Fantasy
  3. Time
  4. Power
  5. Nerves.

Well, what changed your mind yet? Great. Per month can not cope, need three months. where to start training?

How to start preparing for the wedding?

Ask friends newlyweds, because you are not the only couple in the universe that decided to get married. How they managed to organize the evening what difficulties met on the way what can be discarded. It is an invaluable experience, use it.

Find out the details about photos of artists studios. How to find an interesting master of ceremonies and DJ. Make a piggy Bank of valuable advice.

So the plan of action.

Before the wedding, three months, your actions.

  • Apply at the registry office.
  • Buy rings, buy better done in the evening, when the fingers are a little swollen.
  • To issue and distribute invitations for the celebration. If we ask in advance, most likely, a hundred all who are invited will come. Because you will plan everything.
  • To buy a dress. That is, until that time, the bride should decide the style, color, and style of the outfit.
  • Buy a veil, shoes, stockings and other necessary things that will complement her image.
  • Together choose the toastmaster, after lengthy auditions, find the right who likes both.
  • Select the music for the first family dance and begin to rehearse it. Perfect cover group of Moscow or area that you can find on the Internet.
  • To be collected in the honeymoon.

Many of your friends will ask, «Why so early to start training!» In fact, training should begin much earlier. A reservation or an order to the Banquet hall need to do in advance, because to seal their Union rings on the same day as You can a few pairs. In a restaurant or club of your dreams You may never get there!

Shall describe the whole scenario through and through, that nothing was by chance and not planned. Believe me, curiosities, and without it enough. Keep in reserve a few chips to «force majeure» to quickly get out. Do all You suggest experienced in the wedding business people. Then your celebration will be remembered by all and will leave in the hearts of a warm trail.

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