How to clean the carpet?

How to clean the carpet?

Carpeting and rugs in addition to regular vacuuming, have to be disinfected. If the pile light on the surface slightest visible spots. Their own carpet cleaning even with the help of cleaner does not always remove the contamination. It is especially difficult to remove spots from coffee, red wine, dyes, cosmetics, greasy dirt.

Special cleaning services can quickly eliminate any dirt and to return the original look of carpet products. Our specialists trained to work with innovative chemical detergents. Quality carpet cleaning extends the life of products, returns original form, excludes the impact of harmful components in patients with Allergy.

Individual selection of cleaning agents, which correspond to the composition of the carpet, helps eliminate the change in appearance of the product after cleaning carpets at home. Professional equipment with the steaming at the recommended temperature range completes the disinfection. Such a multi method cleaning products made of cloth removes dust, stains and other household dirt, a pile of Pets, dust mites, microorganisms, mold spores and other harmful effects.

Professional carpet cleaning with leaving the house requires the use of special equipment at the place of order. Our staff skillfully used the opportunities of modern equipment for disinfection. This approach eliminates the shrinkage and deformation of carpet products do not require Stripping for cleaning or transportation to the workshops.

Ordered carpet cleaning in Moscow can be accompanied by a complete cleaning, processing other soft surfaces. Our customers can enjoy an ecological dry-cleaning of carpets, prices and quality of which differs little from the standard. For this work the specialists delivered at thermal equipment or, at the request of the customer, take the item for processing to the factory.

Timely processing of carpet in offices creates favorable sanitary environment in which to work and prevents the spread of infectious diseases. The service is available considerably increases the rating of the company and respect of the team when in the office everything sparkles with cleanliness and tidiness. Our company simultaneously with the main order, can carry out comprehensive measures for cleaning sofas, fabric blinds, cleaning.

The main purpose of the cleaning company Aquatis – to create a comfortable environmental living conditions and work in areas that handle our staff at any time convenient for you.

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