How to clean a sheepskin coat at home: take a look at well-known cleaning methods in new ways

How to clean a sheepskin coat at home take a look at well-known cleaning methods in new ways

We all know that the suede is very thin and even delicate material that requires proper treatment. When it comes to the question of cleaning shearling, the first thing most of us remember is a chemical cleaning. Not all owners of sheepskin, very soft, perfect quality, those which are offered in shops of a trading network «ALEPH» will agree to give up their favorite clothes at «the mercy» of chemical reagents. Any, even the most professional chemical treatment effect on the durability of the product. The alternative to such a barbaric interference in the life of Your clothing is home cleaning. Today there are many ways and descriptions of how to clean leather coats at home. This and the use of dry method and a variety of brushes, and use special sprays to clean suede, and even cleaning furniture and carpets. Strangely enough, the last option has proven simplicity, efficiency and safety.

What everybody should know who is in charge of the cleaning of the coats at home?

1. The availability of tools.

You need to have the right tools with which the process is carried out quickly and very easily. You will need: microfiber cloth (for glass – soft), soft brush that can not scratch and injure suede, products for suede (can be purchased at the hardware Department of a supermarket) and the bottles of spray. The brush can in a pinch be replaced with a new soft sponge for washing dishes.

2. Using chemicals, read the instructions for their use carefully!

Most of the offered remedies are sold in concentrated form and must be diluted following the instructions on the package from the media or manuals enclosed in the package. Diluted funds poured into bottles with sprayers for later use.

3. Cleaning sheepskin comes in several stages.

It must be remembered that the processing of such a large product, like sheepskin , happens gradually. First, remove the heavy dirt, grease and other difficult stains. This step is a wet cleaning of Your product. After drying things is dry clean. In the result that You are satisfied not until the end, you must repeat the process.

4. Sheepskin is washable!

In any case, do not try to wash stains from Your suede clothing, even if the contamination is very strong. Forget about the fact that your home has a washing machine : You don’t need it. However, hand wash is also cancelled.

Cheap safe home remedies.

If You ask for help to information available through the «world wide web» and type in the search bar the phrase «how to clean sheepskin house«, You’ll be pleasantly surprised…and puzzled. A pleasant surprise appears in the form of a huge amount of information available that talks about the best ways to clean these products. The puzzlement is caused by a naturally occurring question: what exactly to choose? The rule of «Cheap and cheerful» works here 100%!

Judge for yourself: how many You will be cooking the soap solution with ammonia and glycerin? Soap (100 g) + ammonia (15 ml) + glycerol ( 15 ml) = 50 rubles maximum. In the same amount will cost You the cheap and easy home remedy for cleaning sheepskin.

«Algorithm» cleaning is simple: putting on the product with a sponge in the solution, RUB it into the suede. The best option is to cook at least two sponge: for a solution for clean water. When you are finished with the processing of contaminated sites coats, wipe the surface again (dry). After that treat your sheepskin with a solution of ammonia in water (15 ml of ammonia + 200 ml water). Hang Your favorite clothes on the «hanger» for the final drying. When the coat is dry, treat it with a soft brush to clean the suede and suede – Your clothes will return to its original tidy look. Never dry sheepskin at the battery – the product will loose it’s shape.

Home remedies, the use of which is possible, but not always.

Not all types of sheepskin can be cleaned using the same home remedies. If the above soap solution, glycerin and the ammonia is virtually universal, such substances as gasoline need to be applied with great caution.

Indeed, using gasoline can easily degrease the surface, including suede, but here there is one «if». If the product is painted poorly processed gasoline, it will lose some paint. In place of greasy spots appear bright, the divorce, and then for sure You need to either re-paint coats, or dry clean.

Using semolina or starch, you can also «dry» to clean the suede. Expanding the product on the plane, just sprinkle on its surface with semolina (or starch). The product will absorb the grease and dirt particles. Used semolina and shake off the brush and vacuum clean a sheepskin coat.

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