How to choose wedding decorations, the wedding was perfect?

How to choose wedding decorations, the wedding was perfect

The most important of the whole wedding party is, of course, that the loving couple will seal their love with marriage promise. But, of course, much also depends on the environment in which it will happen. Properly chosen wedding decorations will transform harsh walls of the Church or town hall to a secluded place, and the wedding table – a Royal welcome.

Pay attention to the style and color of wedding

The basic rule when choosing your wedding decorations is to stick to one style. «Reference point» can serve the bride’s wedding gown, which will repel all the other accessories. If you wear a dress of a different color than white, try this combination of colors to use and when choosing accessories.

Also do when choosing floral decorations. Arrange a wedding bouquet with the dress, and then use the same colors and the same style in floral arrangements.

Textile materials

When choosing fabric for your wedding decorations you can choose from three basic materials – organza, tulle, and fleece.

  • Organza a – smooth, soft fabric. It has a glossy surface, so it creates the impression of luxury and elegance. The advantage of this material is the flexibility and the fact that organza holds its shape.
  • – Non-woven polypropylene material that is ideal as a Central strip on the table, ribbons on the cars; it can also decorate the chairs or benches in the Church. He will find their place on floral decorations.
  • Tulle is more rude than organza. It also retains its shape and thus suitable for the manufacture of ribbons for decorating chairs, Windows, walls, for the production of small ornaments. You can also buy tulle with a shimmering effect.

Decorations for the Banquet

The main issue in terms of jewelry, undoubtedly, the decoration of places of celebration. Guests will spend here most of the day, and so it is important to feel comfortable here. And what’s more, of course you want your wedding made an impression was unforgettable.

A major element that can be regarded as a good ornament, a personalized label on the table. So guests know where someone will sit at the Banquet. You can choose classic labels that are on the table at each place or you can choose a more original manner and attach the label on the glass.

A festive atmosphere helps to emphasize the candles. An interesting option might be a candle in the form of a float in the water tank, which is located at the wedding table.

On the table can also be freely scattered rose petals. If they seem fallen autumn leaves, select the beads, rhinestones or crystals. They will look elegant and luxurious.

The decoration of the ceremonial hall

Decorating the main hall you should, in the first place, to negotiate with the owner, how can change the existing decor. Finally, it is not necessary in terms of decorations too exaggerated, because your stay here will last only a few minutes.

If you have a Church wedding, try at least to decorate the uncomfortable benches. It is advisable to choose a more modest floral arrangements. The Church itself is already a kind of decoration, therefore, should not deliberately make.

Of course, to implement the design of the wedding better than having the skills of a decorator. That is why balshicha part of the newlyweds applies for it to the professionals

Master class decorator design wedding table

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