How to choose Wallpaper for the interior of your apartment

How to choose Wallpaper for the interior of your apartment

One of the components is to repair the walls. There are several ways to do this: to paint, plaster, sew up the lining or wall papers. Consider in more detail the last option and tell you how to choose Wallpaper for the interior of your apartment. Nowadays, Wallpaper is considered one of the most common methods of wall decoration.

How to choose the color and pattern of Wallpaper

Once in the store Wallpaper such as oboivsaratove, Everyman is lost from fallen on him the range and doesn’t know what to choose Wallpaper. It’s a natural reaction, because now the market there are many materials for the production of Wallpaper and about colors and textures and say nothing.

Psychologists have reported that the correct selection of Wallpaper affects all the inhabitants of the apartment, on their mood, health and state of General psychological comfort and coziness. In addition, the perception of space also depends on the Wallpaper. Depending on the print room can be more or less, larger or smaller, brighter and warmer or colder and darker.

Share the basic secrets of how to choose the color of the Wallpaperso they not only match your taste but also improved the quality characteristics of the room, what’s going on. Amazing fact of using Wallpaper is that they can be used to create any illusion in the room. You can choose the Wallpaper and to experiment with the size of the room (width, length, height) or the wind (cold or warm room) – all this depends entirely on wall coverings.

Select print Wallpaper in accordance with the dimensions of the room

When choosing Wallpaper, remember that large and frequent drawings clutter the space, making it smaller. Such Wallpaper should be chosen for rooms with an area of over 35 sq. m. In smaller rooms it is better not to experiment with this print. If you have a small room and you want to give it volume, then the best option would be a light (optional) Wallpaper diamonds any cuts, fine and rare drawings. In addition, the small figures contribute to the emotional comfort and relaxation.

If you like different kinds of strips, keep in mind that horizontal stripes make the room visually longer, but lower. Vertical stripes on the Wallpaper give the opposite effect – the room visually appear taller, but narrower. To correctly select the desired band, you need to consider not only the purpose of the room, but her shape and size. In addition, it is not recommended to use striped Wallpaper in the office, because they’re more likely to stay than a working mood.

Not recommended for apartment or office Wallpaper and diversified one with an irregular pattern of bright, flashy colors. These Wallpapers cause the feeling of anxiety and irritation, because the greatly narrow space pattern, and the bright colors signal the subconscious of danger.

If the layout of the apartment involves the adjacent room, it is better to choose the Wallpaper of a single color or mixture of shades so the transition was as seamless as possible. In this case, the apartment in General will look harmonious.

I hope that our advice will facilitate you a selection of Wallpapers and make repairs to a pleasant experience.

On choosing Wallpaper based on the material you learn from the following video:

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