How to choose upholstered furniture in art Deco style

How to choose upholstered furniture in art Deco style

People with impeccable taste, seeking to emphasize their individuality in the interior. Today, often chosen quite a pathetic style, for example, art Deco, art Nouveau, classic. These styles involve very subtle and responsible approach, full attention to every detail, because a single item that does not fit into the environment that could destroy all efforts to create an interior.

Furniture for art Deco style very specific. Accurately describe sofa, suitable for this area, is unlikely to succeed. It could be a luxurious option, styled in the old days, with expensive upholstery and the ornate, fanciful shapes, and can be relatively simple with the Egyptian or African motifs, because we should not forget that art Deco appeared not only in the same time as radio, cinema and jazz, but with the opening of Africa, to the growing interest in archaeological excavations in Egypt, with its tombs decorated with frescoes.

How to choose stylish furniture to art Deco, we decided to talk to Vladimir Bentsianov, managing partner of the company, Benzoni.

– Dmitry, how to choose a sofa with a touch of art Deco and not to be mistaken?

– In order not to make a mistake, you can go to stores that spetsializiruyutsya on this design direction. They have whole collections of furniture suitable for art Deco.

– But that’s too easy.

– Then you should rely on your own taste and to devote some time to the study of style. It’s a long way, but it ended up that you make absolutely the right choice and be completely satisfied.

– But where to start learning?

– I think, to view the photos of interiors. Abstract reading style will do nothing. His need to feel, to understand deeply aesthetically pleasing.

Okay. What kind of sofas, you should immediately delete when you search?

– Too simple, primitive, stereotypical.

– Consumer goods?

– That’s it. Art Deco is still a luxury, individuality, originality, highlighted by decorative, the eternal search for beauty.

– And if the furniture selected, how to ensure that the right decision?

– If you have already carried out the finishing work and you have some part of the situation, then figure out how to fit a sofa and chairs, will be easy. If you are in the room the bare walls, it is necessary to keep in mind that this upholstered furniture will have to build the whole interior.

– And suddenly will not work?

– That’s it. Only one thing can be a good addition, but a bad start. Can be and Vice versa.

– So what to do?

– Listen to your intuition. If the furniture is gorgeous, something to build around everything else will be easy, especially if the interior is not very difficult and you will not overload it with excess items. Chair, sofa, floor lamp, huge vase, Egyptian statues, African masks, small coffee table, expensive finishing materials, which, however, will not «drown» in all things – and all the interior will be ready.

– Dmitry, you had to go to the designers.

– Maybe, but I like my job.

– Is it true that is your bet for luxury furniture?

– Fully. Today, people from more or less decent social circles run from consumer goods, like fire. All the typical already tired. More and more people want to emphasize their individuality.

– Do you have sofas in the style of art Deco?

– True, but most of our furniture can perfectly fit in to multiple styles.

Is in order to increase demand?

– No, it is an objective reality. In interior styles rarely absolutely clear boundaries. Rather, some specific style – a combination of subjects and finish, and not a separate sofa.

– Thank you for the interview.

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