How to choose the right Wallpaper for the walls of your home

How to choose the right Wallpaper

How to choose the right Wallpaper for the walls of your home? Every person tries to build their homes, create comfortable and provide the comfort of home. Using Wallpaper, people have learned to give not only the desired coloring, but apply to them the intricate patterns, drawings and even photos.

What Wallpaper is better to choose for different rooms?

Simply choose the Wallpaper? At first glance, so. But is it really so? Or are there little tricks you need to know about? Of course they are, but only the right approach and recruitment will allow you to create a home exactly the desired comfort and coziness.

For proper acquisition of Wallpaper you will need: understanding of the quantity of light house (flat) arrangement of their form and volume. Important role in the selection of Wallpaper is their type. Before you buy new Wallpapers in Moscow or my city of residence, you must answer a series of questions, which will be discussed further.

We often hear the joke: while pasting the Wallpaper, almost divorced. But the apartment, where the walls are set up for comfort and harmony, on the contrary, unites the family, allows to get rid of the problems of the outside world. So how to achieve this?

First you have to decide for which areas you need to choose the Wallpaper. Whether there will be to carry out wet cleaning of the walls? If the answer is Yes, then you need to study the label on which the icons indicate that the Wallpaper is washable, supervisees or not. The Eastern and southern side of the house requires Wallpaper resistant to fading, which is also indicated on the label. For children’s bedrooms need Wallpaper «breathe», that is breathable.

Select modern Wallpaper by color and material

Next, you should find out the condition of the walls. It is clear that the walls must first be prepared, but not always perfectly align, so there are certain bumps and cracks that you can successfully close Wallpaper. You cannot close the walls with Wallpapers that do not leak air, if the walls are wet. Again, you need to carefully examine the packaging to understand what their hygroscopicity.

Color, pattern and texture of Wallpaper are often the decisive factors when creating the design concept of the room. Large images possible for large and bright rooms. The small figure is capable to balance and give optical the larger size. Dark and glossy pictures are not suitable for the southern and Eastern sides of the house – some are prone to fading, the second creates too much glare that strains your eyes. The complexity of the pattern determines the required number of rolls. The more accuracy is required of the dock figure, the greater the desired reserve. Usually it is 1-2 rolls per room. If the Wallpaper is purchased at the store and still have the receipt, within 14 days after purchase extra rolls can be returned.

Selectable Wallpaper: Wallpaper

Now a little about the materials used to make Wallpaper. Paper wall made entirely of paper. Great for children’s rooms and bedrooms due to its hygroscopic properties and environmental friendliness. They are very affordable. Their disadvantages include the fragility, they can be used wet cleaning, not suitable for uneven walls.

Non-woven Wallpaper due to the basis of the nonwoven fabric have higher strength, able to conceal minor imperfections of the walls in the same way as paper is air-permeable and do not shrink after drying.

Vinyl Wallpaper is manufactured by coating foam vinyl on paper or non-woven. These Wallpapers are well tolerated staining. They a good solution for the kitchen, because it is able to postpone wet cleaning. Significant disadvantages are that the walls are beneath them «don’t breathe».

There are more expensive Wallpaper made of bamboo, cork, textiles and metal. There are Wallpapers that give their flavor to the room and into the roots it can change, suddenly turned into a room with a sea view or city view, living room with view of the forest. There is fiberglass, which worked well in public areas. Liquid Wallpaper – a flight of fancy for creative people. How many apartments, so many Wallpapers!

Let’s hope that everything mentioned here will help everyone not for the agitated man to find «his», and make something to aspire to everything, but not much.

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