How to choose the right refrigerator?

How to choose the right refrigerator

Sooner or later the old Soviet refrigerator breaks and you have to buy a new one, which can meet the completely different. With the necessary minimum of knowledge, you can choose the right refrigerator, spends a minimum of energy and a great big camera capacity cooling and freezing.

Single door refrigerators

The budget line are single door refrigerators, are the bare minimum. May be purchased by any family on a budget. But I think that-in refrigerators have low capacity, it is not worth it. Top models can have this figure to 220-240 litres, which can store a large volume of products, even for a large family! Their height often varies the rate of 80-160 cm, width – 60 cm, which allows at a relatively low altitude to be different the unique intrinsic volume.

Modern single door refrigerators are produced by plants in the form of cry versions. In them is no longer a snow coat requires regular defrosting. But if you need a refrigerator with a large volume, we recommend to choose the two-chamber version, the displacement of which may reach 400 liters!

These types of refrigerators often have a width of not more than 55 cm, and a height that could reach the ceiling! Freezer may be located top and bottom. The first option is often found crying in refrigerators, while the second – the No Frost system. The last structurally, a small hermetic air conditioning with additional fans. The latter can fail due to a power surge or physical deterioration. In this sense, upset refrigerators win in terms of reliability, but the No Frost system, if the correct voltage is fixed, the gain in convenience – to unfreeze them will never have!

Proven themselves Belarusian refrigerators Atlant. On the website you will Allo be able to find almost the entire range of this company. They can be recommended for those who have limited budget and people with money. High quality build and modern technology make these coolers serious competitor to the more expensive brands.

Refrigerators Side-by-Side

When the need arises to store large volume of products, it is recommended to select a line of refrigerators Side-by-Side, which its design is more similar to the cabinets. They are more functionality – doors open more conveniently, and the inner «dry» and «wet» zones allows to keep different products.

Display fridges

For shops it is preferable to choose display fridges, excellent for its power and a large open interior space, through which customers are able to choose any chilled foods. If this refrigerator is equipped with a brand of European, Belarusian and Russian by the compressor, its service life will be quite high. The installation of rotary compressors of the air conditioner BK, as you have to do different craftsmen in our time, not anymore.

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