How to choose the right orthopedic mattress

How to choose the right orthopedic mattress

Healthy sleep – a pledge of vivacity and good health for the whole day. However, even eight hours of rest in an awkward position will not allow the body to recover. To maintain a healthy posture and provide comfort during sleep mattresses are designed to ensure optimal body position. To the mattress benefits, you need to choose the «right» model – the one which would be ideal for you. To do this, before going to the store and read useful information concerning the choice of an orthopedic mattress.

Types of mattresses

Mattresses, designed to maintain natural spine position during sleep can be divided into several categories: in the presence of the spring material, rigidity. To single out any one type and call it the best is impossible, because the mattress should be chosen strictly individually, based on personal experiences. Therefore, when buying is not recommended to rely on the advice of friends and reviews online: it is necessary to «test» each mattress and see what worked best.

In order to understand, by what principle are divided mattresses, we present below a brief description of each model.

  1. Spring and springless mattresses. Choosing the first option, make sure that the spring unit was independent: each spring needs to be «Packed» in your case. This design firmly holds the body during sleep, not pressed with time and is able to hold two people, not giving to «slide» to each other. The more springs you have per square meter of the mattress, the better. Springless mattresses are made of a resilient material capable of supporting the body without the presence of the springs. This option is ideal for children under 3 years.
  2. The rigidity of the mattress. The degree of hardness is of three kinds: high, medium and low (soft mattresses). To 25 years, during the growth and development of the organism, experts recommend to choose medium and high stiffness. The older the person, the softer the mattress should be.
  3. Filler. It is preferable to use cotton, natural latex, polyurethane foam is attached to the mattress firmness, provide a high level of comfort, environmental. For winter perfect mattress from wool, able to keep warm.

Choose an orthopaedic mattress should not only depending on age and amenities, but also for health reasons. For example, extremely obese people need a very hard mattress that helps to maintain body shape. Those experiencing back pain, more suitable for the soft version.

Remember that even the highest quality mattress eventually will require replacement. The average «life expectancy» of an orthopedic mattress is 8-12 years. More economical options need to be changed after 5 years.

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