How to choose the right mattress

How to choose the right mattress

Healthy sleep plays a major role in everyone’s life. From the quality of sleep depends not only on health but also the mood of the person, his health. Therefore, the choice of bed mattress is important and responsible.

Today in stores you can see a huge range of relevant products. In order to navigate it and make the right choice, you should learn about various types of mattresses and their features.

Varieties of mattresses

In General, mattresses can be classified in two ways:

  1. Design
  2. Hardness

The design features there are two types of mattresses:

  • Springless
  • Spring

Springless mattresses

Mattresses without springs can be combined and monolithic. Composite filling of mattresses consists of several materials, monolithic and of the same material.

As fillers are the basic materials such as wool, natural latex, cotton, polyurethane foam, coconut fiber, thermofelt. In combined mattresses are often used layer-by-layer alternation of latex, coconut fiber and polyurethane foam.

Springless mattresses are quiet, durable, easy to operate. They are suitable for any age, since childhood, is recommended for those who experience certain problems with the spine. A large selection of such mattresses can be found on the website of the online store Mr mattress Sleep.

Spring mattresses

Among mattresses, fitted with springs, we can also distinguish the two subspecies on the type of spring unit.

The unit can be independent and dependent.

In the blocks of the first type each spring works separately, independently from the others. On average, one square meter, has 300 springs, with some models, this figure can reach 500 units. Mattresses with independent unit, can well adapt to the curves of the human body that allows the spine to resist. in the correct position.

The mattress is a dependent unit are more than 100 springs, United frame. The orthopedic effect of such mattresses is considerably lower, the advantages include the availability of prices.

The rigidity of the mattress

When choosing a sleeping mattress hardness can be guided by the following rules.

Hard mattresses can advise people who have a large body mass, as well as young children whose spine is at the stage of formation.

The elderly is more appropriate pillow-top mattresses. They are also better to choose those who have low and medium weight. Indications for the use of soft mattresses can be disease of the lumbar spine.

Mattresses of average rigidity suitable for people who do not have excess weight, as well as those who have experienced problems with the thoracic.

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