How to choose the right garden shed

How to choose the right garden shed

In the process of development of a suburban area, people often face problems associated with shortage of funds and materials, the occurrence of force majeure. Therefore, the protracted construction are often bought country cabins with veranda in the Moscow region, which are very common. This type of accommodation does not require much space and time for installation, it can be used for a long time as a summer kitchen, workshop, guest house.

Feature articles and tips for choosing

There are several types of wooden garden huts:

  • Billboards. This type is the cheapest (price not more than 15 thousand rubles) and short-lived. The walls of the house are made of non-integral lining, while the inner part is mounted fiberboard. The floor is constructed of wood coatings with a maximum thickness of 25 millimeters. This building has no ribs, so after a while it can drop.
  • Frame. This shed is considered to be of higher quality than the previous one, has the average price (up to 40 thousand rubles.). The house is made of strong wooden frame by attaching the outside and inside lining. Floor and ceiling constructions have a double coating, the walls are equipped with insulating material.
  • Brusovaya. This room is the most durable and qualitative, but its cost is much higher than others (45 thousand rubles). It is made from coniferous timber, which prostrakan inside and outside, insulated with special material.

When you select country cabinsto determine the appropriate design should be guided by the fact that the necessary period of use of the premises and the price of the product.

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