How to choose the right forklift

How to choose the right forklift

Rental forklifts is an alternative option of purchasing equipment. The conclusion of the contract of lease has advantages over buying, as it reduces the cost of registration. In this article we will tell you how to choose the forklift and take it out.

The advantages of renting a forklift

The conclusion of the lease of warehouse equipment provides convenience to the renter:

  • to try different trucks before you buy;
  • when the need for short-term work;
  • no obligation salary to forklift operator, it provides the landlord;
  • the lack of repair expenses and maintenance service of loader, where in case of breakdown, the lessor provides an alternative replacement, and repair parts purchases;
  • unlike purchased equipment, rented the truck will not idle, where it can be used as needed.

How to choose the right forklift?

From the variety of pleat technology, the best solution will be the choice of the forklift. It is easy to operate, maneuverable, has a small size and weight. Such outdoor appliances are easy to maintain and does not require any in-depth special knowledge. For lifting loads to a height of several meters, such equipment is indispensable.

Loaders can be electric, petrol, gas or diesel engine type. It is considered the most eco-friendly electric type, since when working on this truck has no emissions of carbon dioxide. The loader operator just need time to charge the battery. To work outdoors, the most suitable forklift with a diesel engine. It is more powerful, has low fuel consumption. This kind of forklift has a long life.

Trucks with a gas engine, unlike gasoline less polluting, do not require frequent oil changes, they are more economical to maintain. When choosing a forklift model, it is necessary to pay attention to its load capacity and maximum lift height.

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