How to choose the right design of curtains and their kind?

How to choose the right design of curtains and their kind

In creating the interior, not the last role plays the design of curtainsthat have to perform not only a decorative function, but also match the style of the room, while performing and their individual functional load, depending on type of room. When selecting textiles for a room, including trim for window openings, designers recommend to follow the following rules: if the walls plain, use fabric with a print, if the walls are decorated with Wallpaper with a pattern, in this case, it is recommended to decorate the window curtains solid. Of course, this rule has its exceptions. However, the interior needs to be solved in the same style.

Also, before contacting the designer curtains or separate shopping trips, you need to decide another important question: do you want the curtains became the main subject of the interior, and immediately attracted look, or they will be the only part of the premises and the focus will be on something else. Now, when you identified the main points to consider what are the basic types of curtains and draperies are used for modern interiors.

The types and design of curtains

Curtains are an important attribute of life, was in ancient times to this day. In modern times curtains have lost their primary function, as protection from light, and are primarily a design space. Now very developed this business segment. You can buy goods of any kind, color and size. There are many classifications and types of curtains. The curtains, the type of plowing, are divided into three types:

  1. sliding
  2. lifting
  3. stationary

Features and varieties of curtains sliding type

  • Classic sliding curtains. It is a popular view, there is in almost every home. They consist of two thick curtains on the sides of the Windows are fixed vertically on the light rails. Sometimes caught. Convenient and easy to operate.
  • Crossed the curtains. Less popular in Russia, but can be found. There are two types of curtains. The first consists of two paintings, which are on different lines of the cornice and one comes to another. The second consists of a single leaf spanning the curtains or the bar. Used these curtains are usually with wings.
  • The sort of cafe. Not the most popular curtains in Russia. This is a very short curtains, they cover only half of the window and part of the sill. Traditionally these types of curtains sheer or lightweight fabrics. Slightly dim room and easy to operate, inexpensive. Often represented by the type of curtains hung in the kitchen.
  • Curtains with pelmets. Same as classic but with the addition of decorative Lambert. Lambert is the short fabric that is attached along the entire length of the cornice. It is a fabric or rigid based on the similarity of the blinds, but only at the top of the curtains. These curtains are not the most comfortable to use, because there is another line on the ledge and there it is necessary to hang a pelmet.
  • Japanese curtains. Curtains are a set of panels of fabric, the bottom of which is attached a special filler, the curtains were always in an upright position. Such panels can be several, and they move from the beginning to the end of the cornice, each of which has its own line on the ledge. Look like vertical blinds, only one meter in length. This curtains are not as easy to operate. Dimmed light in the room.
  • Filament curtains. Consist of thick, heavy strands throughout the length of the curtains. Must be used together with grabs. Not very convenient, especially if you have small children or animals.
  • Photocurtains. This is a novelty in the Russian market. Of course, everyone has seen the mural, this thing is similar, but has a fabric base. Looks pretty nice and original.

Lifting the curtains

There are several subspecies of this type:

  • Austrian. Such curtains go up, creating an elegant undulating folds. Folds are formed when lifting from the bottom and slowly rise up.
  • French. Almost the same as the Austrian, just started to be collected around the perimeter of the fabric. They are made of translucent light fabric. One of the easiest to use, looks incredibly beautiful, fit for any home decoration.
  • Roman. Their design is quite complex: a rectangular piece of fabric, which for rigidity built-in rails that allow you to layer the fabric on top of each other, thereby changing the length of the curtains.

Stationary curtains

This is a very showy curtains are used in the design and decoration of the house. There are the following subspecies.

  • Imperial. Designers believe such curtains are the most difficult to implement in the design. Look expensive and have an exclusive look, so they can be of various shapes and cannot be described.
  • Curtains Bishop sleeve. Give the apartment ostentation. Look like a classic but at the same time have more than two holders. Come with pelmets.
  • Stained glass. Looks like an hourglass. The fabric stretches over the entire length of the eaves, one from below, another from above, and the center is surrounded with the extremity of passion. Looks very shocking.

Based on the information provided for clear choice of curtains should be carefully studied and decorate the room to consider which is more important purposes: decoration, protection from the sun, or both together. Most importantly, the selected design of the curtains should be in harmony with the overall interior design. Only this will ensure a cozy room with personal style that will naturally convey your personality.So, we have considered the main kinds of curtains and draperies, what design of curtains to choose in a particular case depends on the tasks and Your mood, good luck!

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