How to choose the right countertop in the kitchen

How to choose the right countertop in the kitchen

How to choose a countertop in the kitchen? The «right» table in the kitchen should be not only functional, but also perfectly fit into the interior. In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of countertops made of different materials.

There are many materials from which countertops are made. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Countertops from particle Board

Countertops from particle Board

This option can be called the most economical. Particleboard is wood and particle Board covered with laminate or plastic. Low price, fairly high functionality and the possibility to choose any color (including imitation granite, leather or metal) will make tabletops made of chipboard are very popular.

The positive qualities of table tops made of chipboard:

  • low cost
  • easy to clean, resistant to dyes and detergents
  • not fade
  • the possibility of choosing any color scheme

Cons of countertops made of chipboard:

  • if when assembling the kitchen is not enough honestly to secure all connections, the top can swell, as in the formed cracks will appear wet.
  • the surface can be damaged, easily scratched
  • ill-suited to direct exposure to heat can be placed on countertop hot
  • not the most environmentally friendly and healthy material

Countertops made of natural wood

Countertops made of natural wood

Unlike particleboard, wood – environmentally friendly and capable of any kitchen add comfort. The trees are characterized by high functionality, however the price is much more expensive.

The positive qualities of wood countertops:

  • environmentally
  • resistant to damage and scratches made from hard wood (ash, walnut, oak)
  • thanks to the varnish coating or impregnation with oil, enough to tolerate exposure to moisture

Cons of countertops made of wood:

  • sensitive to the effects of high temperatures
  • after a few years, it will be necessary to re-varnish or oil, otherwise the surface may be deformed and the color will fade
  • with regular moisture may form mildew
  • there is such a variety of colors like chipboard
  • the cost is higher than particleboard

Countertops made of glass

Countertops made of glass

Looks countertops from glass is quite original and very stylish.

The positive qualities of glass table tops:

  • stylish and original
  • durable material
  • you can choose any color
  • easy to clean, resistant to detergents
  • not afraid of moisture, no risk of fungus

Cons of glass table tops:

  • despite the fact that is easy to clean, glass – pretty practical material, since the surface can remain fingerprints and it will have to wipe again and again
  • easily scratched
  • the high price

Countertops made of steel

Countertops made of steel

Countertops, stainless steel for several years in great demand, as they are very durable and functional.

The positive qualities of table tops made of steel:

  • easy to clean, not afraid of detergents
  • environmental
  • resistant to direct exposure to high temperatures
  • can fit in a modern interior

Cons of countertops made of steel:

  • visible fingerprints and scratches
  • «loud»
  • often considered to be insufficiently cozy

Countertops made of artificial stone

Countertops made of artificial stone

Looks countertops made of artificial stone is expensive and very respectable. A large selection of these tops can be found in the company of Etam Stone.

There are two types: agglomerate and acrylic.

  1. Sinter is more durable, easy to tolerate detergents, resistant to high temperature, ecologocal and durable (10 years). More expensive than acrylic.
  2. Acrylic has almost all the advantages of the agglomerate, but less durable and resistant to high temperature. Cheaper agglomerate.

The positive qualities of table tops made of artificial stone:

  • durable, eco-friendly material
  • looks very stylish and expensive
  • waterproof, no risk of fungus
  • cheaper than natural stone

Cons of countertops made of artificial stone:

  • the high price
  • if the length of the countertop is more than three meters, the use of seamless technology is impossible
  • acrylic unstable in high temperatures
  • heavy

Countertops made of natural stone

Countertops made of natural stone

The most expensive and respectable option.

The advantages of natural stone countertops:

  • beauty
  • the richness of the color palette
  • sustainability
  • durability
  • high strength

Cons of natural stone worktops:

  • not everyone can afford
  • heavy
  • marble surfaces can be scratched
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