How to choose the right carpet? The answers here!

How to choose the right carpet? The answers here!

Carpet – interior is an immortal classic of the genre. Warm, soft and comfortable, in short, what is needed in any home. In order to choose the right carpet, you need to pay close attention to the room where the rug will be located. All rooms in the house is used for different purposes and therefore have different functional load. From this and is a start when choosing a carpet.

Choosing a carpet for public areas

The most, shall we say, «running» room in the house has an entrance hall, living room and hallway. In these rooms, the carpet under strain. Based on this, the carpet must have appropriate properties and the most important of them is high grjazeottalkivajushchimi and durability. Here it is best to look for a carpet with a small along the length of the pile. The smaller the pile, the easier it is cleaned, and in General, less absorbs all sorts of impurities. Also, a great option is a carpet that has no pile. Perhaps, this option is better than the last.

Modern carpet factory produce lots of different designs of such carpets. So, to find a suitable style and color palette of the carpet that has no pile, will not be easy.

Rolling out the carpet in the kitchen

This polygon test flooring, not only carpet, eat-in kitchen. The threat that accidentally spilled, fall, crumble, too big. And this, in turn, means that the floor will stain. But if the parquet, and, especially, linoleum can be safely wiped with the carpet can’t be real. Therefore, the main characteristic of the carpet in the kitchen will be the resistance. The rate per square meter weight and density of the carpet, assigned to the kitchen must be high enough.

Soft carpet is best for bedrooms

Bedroom is a haven of tranquility, coziness and tranquility throughout the house. Hence the basic properties of the carpet, which, in principle, no. In this case, the choice entirely depends on you. Whether you want soft carpet with long pile, or, conversely, a fairly hard coating, somewhat resembling a Mat – it all depends on you.

Kinds of carpets

If we turn to methods of manufacturing carpet, then there are only three:

  1. A handmade carpet.
  2. The manufacturing method of manufacturing carpet.
  3. Carpet, completely made by machine.

Among them, in principle, it is possible to select the most the best and, conversely, the worst method of manufacture. The only thing that the carpets will always be valued above its manufacturing and machine counterparts. And if the carpet is completely natural, its characteristics will be significantly higher synthetic carpets. But, again, to go from one extreme to another is not worth it, they say «natural – good, synthetic – bad.» Synthetic carpets also have advantages. Among which worth mentioning the ease of cleaning, quite light weight and that is important, synthetic rugs cost lower than natural.

How to clean carpets?

Well, in the final chord we’ll talk about cleaning the carpet. In our days there are many companies offering services of this kind. But none of them compare to the old as the world «old-fashioned» way – cleaning of snow. If you have your site, you should not be lazy and one, and preferably two times during the winter, to carry the carpet outside, sprinkle the surface with snow and brush it with a brush. Classes are, of course, not fast, but very high quality.

From the grease stains that had formed on the carpet can be removed with diluted in warm water with ammonia in a ratio of 1:1.

For a thorough cleaning of carpeting is best suited a solution made from water and salt, with the addition of ammonia.

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