How to choose the right carpet and what is it?

How to choose the right carpet and what is it?

When You make repairs in the apartment, sooner or later the question arises about the choice of flooring. Options many: linoleum, carpet, parquet, laminate and others. Each coating has its own characteristics. This article will discuss one of the most popular types of floor coverings, namely carpet. What is it and how to choose the carpet, if you stopped on this variant cover for the floor?

Carpet – coating, reminiscent of the well-known and familiar carpet. Differs in that fixed to the floor , which is very convenient. Besides, it is possible to cover the whole room. Carpeting is very warm and soft. It is a pleasure to walk barefoot, it keeps you warm even in the winter

Natural or synthetic carpet to choose ?

First, learn the material from which is made carpet. At the heart of artificial coatings are synthetic fibers. Natural carpet is wool content. Of course, it costs more. But it has a better quality, appearance and other aesthetic properties. But it will last You a little less than synthetic.

There are several variations of synthetic carpet. Best quality material is nylon. It has a long service life – up to 15 years, soft enough , easy to use and clean. A good option are materials such as Supreme and turkle, similar to natural hair. Less quality are poliestrowy materials such as acrylic and olefin. They have a lower cost. But they will serve You less, and to touch this carpet is tougher.

The density of the carpet

You should pay attention to the density of the carpet – the more and the closer they are located to each other, the better the carpet will serve as Your home while maintaining softness.

Methods and ways of making a carpet

There are various methods of manufacturing carpet. Best is –woven. Other options – based on the tufted, flocked, and the cheapest – punched.

Buy carpet maybe in different forms. In traditional rolls or in «tile» form. With rolls suitable for smooth room, because it has a fixed width – 3, 4 or 5 meters, and its length is not limited. Tile and comfortable rooms, unconventional forms and if there are projections. Besides, it is more convenient to lay, and if necessary to unstick or replace the part. But to choose the more suitable option of course You.

Different types of carpet can vary by the height of the pile. The higher it is, the softer the coating will be. Here should be based on Your personal preference and the purpose of the room where You will be put.

Before making a purchase, do not forget to ask the seller appropriate certificates of quality to make sure whether the product all safety standards and environmental friendliness. On the website of the hata-laminatu/kovrovyie-pokryitiya/ you can find a huge range of carpets of the highest quality.

To make Your renovation please for years to come, should be attentive to all the details and the choice of flooring is an important step.

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