How to choose the right battery for your car?

How to choose the right battery for your car?

Most drivers faced with a situation when the battery throughout his performance hints at the lack of attention and care, especially often it happens in winter during severe frosts. There comes a time when you need to replace, but from the abundance of choice the question arises, what to buy.

Types of batteries

Car batteries are divided into the following types:

  • serviced, this type of battery now very few where you can meet, characterized in that in case of short circuit, it is sufficient to change the block plates;
  • maintenance-free – a very demanding and capricious to the operating conditions, furthermore dear in price;
  • low maintenance – quite popular in the market in different price range from cheap to expensive.

So, what type of battery do is to give your preference and where best to buy them. Buy the battery you need in specialized stores, such as en-kom, where you will be given the opportunity to consult with the seller, who will choose you the battery. When buying batteries, employees are required to verify voltage and to provide the warranty card. Also, selecting a battery, pay attention to the manufacturer as it is a well-known and prestigious. You must check that the plates are Packed separately in bags-separators, thus protecting each other against short circuit in case of shedding of active mass. To do this, simply open the fill plug.

During battery charge, the decomposition of water by electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen. In order to avoid explosion of the battery in top and lateral tubes make a special technological hole that would be left of the pair. Affordable and simple battery is a small hole, contaminate with time. In expensive models, tube accumulator made in the form of a valve that will not only give a place for the accumulation of gases, but also protect against spillage of electrolyte.

Low-maintenance batteries can be sold as dry and filled with electrolyte at the factory. All depends on the manufacturer. Dry battery has a long shelf life, so it is better to buy in store.

How to choose battery?

Choose the battery preferably on the basis of the characteristics and requirements that are described in the operating instructions of the vehicle. The battery capacity of the battery , you can choose less, but how much time it will last, and how to cope during winter operation of the vehicle – all this remains in question. You need to look for when choosing a battery for starting current, as if the reading is higher than recommended, it could result in damage to the starter.

Most battery load when running in heavy winter frosts. Before you start the engine cold, the battery needs some time to «warm up»: first turn for a couple of seconds far, then middle light, then just start the engine, what pistons would dispersed oil in the cylinders. If the engine start did not work the first time, you must wait a few moments, then run again.

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