How to choose the bride’s bouquet?

How to choose the bride's bouquet?

The Bridal bouquet is a special kind of floristry. The choice of this excellent attribute, very carefully. Requirements the Bridal bouquet, are largely determined by the basic functions.

So, choosing a bouquet, you need to remember a few important points:

  • the bouquet should match the style and color of dress to match the settings on the bride. It needs to be expressive, but at the same time not too noticeable
  • for the Bridal bouquet you should choose only the freshest flowers. Because it needs to preserve the freshness and original appearance throughout the day.
  • the bride’s bouquet should be easy enough, since she would have to keep it for a long time. It is not advisable to tire the bouquet bride!
  • don’t need to use the bouquet of flowers that have a pungent aroma. Since the smell can act as a strong irritant that can cause migraine or other allergic reaction. Particularly acute this problem may become if the bride is pregnant.
  • long and cascading, dangling, and, in General, any long bouquets are suitable only for tall girls. Fragile girl suitable miniature bouquets round shape.
  • flowers and their combinations should conform to the time of year of the wedding. The exception, perhaps, make roses, these gorgeous flowers are perfect for any time of year. Those who marry in the spring, we can recommend a wedding bouquet of peonies. Peony – flower of extraordinary beauty flowering period which falls in the middle of may. It is perfect to any wedding dress.
  • please note that with some colors it is not desirable to make a wedding bouquet because of their symbolic value. Calla lilies, for example, symbolize sadness. It is undesirable to use dahlias and hyacinths.
  • you must make sure that all the flowers were securely fastened. Often, to be the top pletetsya wire mesh, ensure secure fixing. Strength for the Bridal bouquet definitely, since he will have to endure a rather difficult day, it will wear, they will be waving, perhaps, to quit and are more likely to quit (tradition, after all).
  • in the preparation of the bouquet is also taken into account the compatibility of colors, although this rule can be and exceptions, irises and tulips, for example, perfectly combined. Gently and original look at the bouquet of wild flowers.
  • note the number of flowers wedding bouquet, the best option is the composition of three, seven and eleven colors. Wildflowers is an exception.
  • lipstick and nail Polish should match the color of the bouquet.
  • don’t forget that the bride’s bouquet defines style and sets the tone for the flower decoration of the holiday.

Because wedding flowers – this is not only the bride’s bouquet. The flowers are present in the design of the wedding party, the procession, the groom’s boutonniere provides it together more festive appearance, the witness gives the witness a bouquet of flowers also made to give parents the bouquets after check lay on the ground of fame and the foot of the monuments.

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