How to choose the boards for proper gymnastic exercises at home


If you want to buy for home workouts the right boards, in the selection of sports equipment, you should consider several points. When you go to a regular Mall or online store with a wide variety of exercise equipment, don’t forget to ask about the following characteristics.

The length of the timber

One of the key exercises on the bars is the max in the upper arm. This crossbar must be long enough to safely do all the exercises the gym.

Unfortunately, many models of boards on the market are manufactured with the classic exercise. Most of them are designed for exercises that do not require much length. So, if you want to buy bars wall for the house to pass the full program gymnast, choose rails maximum length. OOO «Master bar», being a famous supplier of home pull-up bars and other sports equipment, offers a large selection of quality products in its master-turnik. In this online store you will find enough long boards for training at home.

The height of the structure

Choosing the optimal height of the parallel bars, you should consider the features of exercises suitable for you. The crossbar should be high enough for beginners to do L-fit, and for advanced gymnasts who can do handstand push-UPS plus. When a newbie gets on your hands, tend not to have enough power to keep the feet parallel to the rails. Their feet, as a rule, fall below, so the boards must be installed high enough to touch the floor.

Professional gymnasts do not have this problem when they make L-landing, but in order to do a handstand with push-UPS, terminals should not be below a certain height. This will allow the head of the athlete to drop below the bars. Based on the experience of experts, it was revealed that the optimum height of the simulator is about half the height of the athlete.

Internet-shop master-turnik you can also purchase corner home bar with optional bars complete. This hybrid simulator will allow you to use more combinations of exercises during a workout.


When you select home bars is often overlooked convenience of the equipment when carrying it. If the simulator is too heavy or bulky, you will have more problems during its transportation to the cottage or in the garage in the summer. If you are going to train on the bars exclusively at home, the dimensions of the inventory should correspond to the capabilities of the space of your room. Therefore, when choosing the right product is sure you know the length and width of the kit in the Assembly, so that these parameters do not require significant displacement of home furniture.

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