How to choose swim trunks for a boy?

How to choose swimming trunks for boy

For many boys, summer and holidays mean one thing: swimming and playing in the water. Regardless of whether it’s fun in garden pool, swimming in the public pool, or fun and frolic in the lake, the sea, and maybe even in the ocean, the boy should have a melting – and better such that you can be happy to show off to friends.

How to choose swimming trunks for boy? We will try to answer this difficult question.

The size of the bottoms

Select the appropriate size of swimming trunks for your child – the best one that will allow you to move freely, feel comfortable and confident. In the case of classic panties, make sure the panty is not small, must cover all of the buttocks, can not crash into the groin and legs. In addition, the bottoms should be carefully adjusted in the waist. In the case of shorts, it is better to choose the model of swimming trunks feature a drawstring that allows you to adjust the size in the waist then they will be necessary for the child even after a few seasons. One last tip – length of shorts must be sufficient for the growth of the child.

The material heats

Depending on the kind of melting can vary the material from which they are made. Classic briefs or adjacent to the body shorts, often made from a stretchy fabric – the obvious advantage of such raw materials, which is a mixture of lycra and microfiber is quick drying. Bermuda shorts usually are made of soft, delicate skin cotton fabric, resistant to sunlight, making them ideal for the beach.

Pockets in swimming trunks

Buy bottoms with a built-in zipper pocket. The pocket can hold keys, money for ice cream or hot dog – this solution is very easy for a child to attend a public pool or beach, where he faces a variety of culinary temptations.

Fashionable swim trunks

Beach men fashion and fashion for boys is not so capricious and changeable, as happens in the case of women’s fashion. In the world swimming for many years, is dominated by four main styles: briefs, boxers, shorts, Bermuda. The young guys need to choose swimming trunks plain, modest colors. Popular beach pants with motifs of cartoons and comics. Before you buy swimming trunks, you should discuss with your child his preferences and current interests. It may be that bottoms with Sponge Bobem is not as good as it was a few months ago – the boys know how to quickly change interests.

Diapers for swimming for the little ones

If your little man was not yet two years old, but he likes aquatic adventures, the ideal solution would be buying diapers for swimming , made of elastic neoprene that is soft and gentle removers that will stop the filth inside the diaper.

Briefs for swimming

Especially recommended for young boys who like to spend time actively in the water: swim, jump «bomb» and dive. Beautifully contoured briefs sporty cut to accurately fit to the body, nor in any way restrict the movements and freedom of the child. You should pay attention to cotton lining in intimate places, which increases the safety and ease of use. The hit of the season for the smallest bathing suit from penguins of Madagascar!

Beach shorts

Shorts are suitable for older boys and teenagers who love to swim. Glamorous sports models of the brand or Puma and Speedo are ideal for swimming competitions and during rest or excursions on the lake. For young boys who don’t like sports classics, presented shorts with colorful prints. This summer will probably run Angry Birds and Scooby Doo.

Shorts Bermuda

Inspired by the Californian surfers, Bermuda is the perfect choice for all teenagers who want to follow the fashion from overseas. Bermuda must reach the knee, no need to wear under them underwear – in the middle have a built-in panty provides ease and comfort. The belt is elastic and drawstring for adjusting size, and, in addition, there are useful pockets. Beach shorts should be colored and patterned.

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