How to choose sofa for living room — tips of a professional designer

How to choose sofa for living room - tips of a professional designer

Most people would agree that buying a sofa for the living room is very important and to do it right, you need to be extremely careful. The fact that there are cases where sellers are trying to deceive their customers. In addition, you need to take into account many subtle, but nonetheless important nuances. This article is intended to help the reader to choose a sofa for the living room.

First, if the apartment is small, then the best solution will be the choice with an emphasis on functionality. Sofa convertible perfectly fits this definition. The fact that its practicality is obvious: it is able to provide one more sleeping place and often contains several drawers, which can easily be adapted for storage of anything. In General, large sofas are not the best solution for a small apartment. The result of this choice would be just a lot of inconvenience. But the smaller model will easily pour into the interior. If you want to show off a great earnings, you can always invest in sophisticated and expensive upholstery.

Second, people with high incomes should be very careful. As mentioned earlier, these days has got a lot of crooks who will not hesitate to fill the cushion with foam or sell furniture from particle Board at the price of mahogany. Here often in the course is the eloquence of the sellers and a pretty good design, but it is just a trick. Therefore, when selecting a sofa, should be given to material inspection special attention.

Third, the color of the sofa depends on the color of the walls. Many designers argue that the sofa should contrast with the walls, otherwise it’ll just blend with the interior, instead of to attract the attention of visitors. So if the walls are painted in neutral tone, the sofa should be bright and expressive tone. Or if the walls are painted in a dark color, then the sofa, the bright colors will be your best option.

Fourth, in cases where the living room is quite large, sofas twin is included in the environment. This choice certainly has significant advantages, because the sofas-Gemini combines simplicity and elegance, the room will look empty and there is no need to buy additional furniture in chairs. Everything else, it will look very original.

Also pay attention to the u-shaped sofas from Dommino. They allow the most efficient use of living space, combining comfort and style.

Fifth, be sure to consider the presence of Pets. Their fangs and claws can be a real challenge for the sofa. Therefore, in such cases, you need to be interested in the strength of the material from sellers. A good solution would be the upholstery chenille, flock or mikrofayber.

It should also be noted that the presence of animals, you should choose a sofa on legs. Late walking pet can turn into a real disaster, so better to take care beforehand easy access to the space under the sofa.

Sixthly, if guests frequent your home, you should choose a dirt — and water-repellent coating material, as sooner or later one of the guests out of the shed.

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