How to choose sandals for the summer?

How to choose sandals for summer

The female costume in the summer special requirements. At this wonderful time of the year, the most relevant are weightless dresses. skirts and other items, including sandals. But you must remember that you need to choose summer shoes that will no longer be inconvenienced.

So, all that warm and fuzzy is deposited on the shelf, comes the time of the selection of sandals.

What should they be? Analyze varieties of this kind of shoes more.

Summer. Hot weather, standing in the yard, will certainly affect the physical condition. With her heart pumping blood becomes harder and high heels only increases the burden, worsening your condition. These shoes are recommended to wear in the evening to a cooler time.

Most comfortable sandals option 2016 is models have a membrane on the rise. Fix the foot strap gives the foot increased stability. Thus, the membrane eliminates the problem of conventional sandalswhich is that the feet in them do not rely on that.

Model sandals Gladiator back in fashion. Such a strange name they received in honor of Roman soldiers, putting on a similar footwear during the battle in the arena. A distinctive feature of this model is high resistance.

If you work in an office where you need to follow the rules of the dress code, the most appropriate option would be pumps with a closed toe and open heel. There is also the possibility to buy a model with side cutouts, through which feet will be less hot.

Another kind of summer shoes is ballet flats. In recent years this model has gained increasing across the planet, they are also famous designers, models and stars. The secret of this success ballet shoes in their practicality: it is this kind of shoes, which can be combined with almost any kind of clothing, in addition to sports.

In the collection spring-summer 2016 fashion favorite flats presented in a huge number. The classic model of this kind of shoes earlier introduced a kind of shoes dancers Pointe. Ballet flats were made on a low heel or completely flat shoes with closed toes. The fashion world is constantly changing, bringing with it innovation is changing the shape of ballet shoes, the emergence of new materials, the increase of the color spectrum. Now this Shoe model can include straps, cutouts and many other elements that are so inherent in modern shoes. Constant companions is a pair of femininity and elegance, inherent, apparently, in each model.

The material from which ballet shoes are made – is the main fashion trend. Many fashion houses presented in this season’s accessories and shoes, with prints Python. Designers have tried to keep the tenderness and femininity of ballet shoes in this adaptation, but girls who like shocking, will be satisfied: in such a Shoe cannot be overlooked. To buy shoes snake skin is not necessarily enough to choose a decent imitation, which is not inferior in effectiveness.

It should be noted that many designers focus on a particular detail – pointed toe. Such shoes first glance may seem too noticeable. This will look good in almost any composition– with evening dress and with jeans.

Another fashionable trend that is currently applied in clothes, but looks very promising is the print of birds. Of clothing he smoothly moves on to handbags and scarves, could soon get on your favorite ballet flats all summer.

One of the biggest advantages of flats is a wide range of materials. On display you can find this model from leather, suede, lacquer, mesh, rubber, cloth. So, for summer you can choose the most comfortable and convenient option.

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