How to choose pipes for heating?

How to choose pipes for heating?

What to choose pipes for heating? Everyone who has decided to install heating in the house, faced with a choice of pipes. Pipes are the main leading vessel in which water moves, their durability depends on the durability of the functioning of the entire heating system.

Steel pipe

Steel pipe installed in almost all apartments. These tubes, as on the website of JSC «steel industrial company», are made of high carbon steel.

Advantages of steel pipes:

  1. Long service life;
  2. Resistance to mechanical stress and shocks, pressure changes in the works;
  3. Steel is not subjected to expansion from high temperatures;
  4. Have a reasonable cost.

Cons of steel pipes:

  1. Pipes covered with rust from water exposure, they are covered with corrosion, which leads to their destruction;
  2. On the inner walls of pipes deposited debris and sediments;
  3. The need of the cost of welding of pipes or connections may be threaded.
  4. Laborious work on the installation thread on the pipe.

High quality steel pipe and all kinds of metal,, go to the official site of the SEC. Buying from such major dealers, you will receive not only quality guarantee, but also the best prices.

Polypropylene pipes

Polypropylene pipes are well suited for drinking water systems.

The advantages of pipes made of polypropylene:

  1. Service life of about years;
  2. On these pipes is corrosion, which does not affect the composition of drinking water;
  3. They are not exposed to chemicals;
  4. The movement of water in such pipes can not be heard;
  5. The pipes are connected all-in-one method;
  6. These pipes montriwat directly into the wall or floor;
  7. Prices on these tubes is lower than for other types in several times;
  8. Pipe polyprolene very durable, they are resistant to frost and thawing;
  9. The material is environmentally safe.

For welding of pipes made of polypropylene use a soldering iron that provides a very fast connection.

Cons pipes from this material:

  1. The strength of the structure depends on the quality of the materials used;
  2. Such pipes can be installed in rooms with a possible fire hazard.

These shortcomings are typical only for low quality materials, if you have purchased a very high quality pipe, such problems can not be.

The use of such pipes in the heating system due to elevated temperatures reduces their service life.

There are pipes made of polypropylene, reinforced with glass fibre or foil that can be used to install the heating system, as they are designed for higher temperatures.

Plastic pipe

The advantages of the composite pipes of plastic and metal:

  1. They do not rust arises;
  2. On these pipes there are no deposits and debris;
  3. The service life is years;
  4. The large size, which allows the use of fewer fixtures in large rooms;
  5. These pipes are easy to bend, that is, they are easier to install;
  6. They do not expand at high temperatures.

Combined pipe made of plastic and metal is composed of five layers of polyethylene, foil and glue, which increases their strength. For these tubes the possible releasable, conditionally releasable and sealed connection.

Disadvantages of composite pipes of plastic and metal:

  1. They are unstable to light;
  2. Not strong enough against mechanical impacts and high temperatures;
  3. When installing you need to be very careful as the nut may be accidentally cut, which will lead to rupture of the pipe.

Corrugated pipe stainless steel

Corrugated pipe stainless steel is used for all types of pipelines. They are easily bendable, making it easy to operate in small spaces. Installation is carried out very quickly «pipe-fitting», and the flexibility of the pipe allows you to use less connections. These pipes are very resistant to physical shocks and to shocks.


  1. Long service life;
  2. Resistance to moisture and light;
  3. Easy to bend;
  4. They are environmentally friendly.
  5. Not afraid of freezing;
  6. You can do the installation to the wall.
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