How to choose paving slabs for the area?

How to choose paving slabs for the area

To improve the garden area you can use the neat tracks. More impressive they look, if you are using paving slabs. But the first step is to determine how to place the track. If the site is small, it is better to look to be flowery trails. Agree, the direct paths connecting the gazebo to the house and play area, it’s too boring. They are relevant for the large plot. Here clever plexus are inappropriate, because they take too much time to cover the distance from one point to another.

As for tiles, it can be created by two technologies. First – vibropressovoe. Made in this way tiles can withstand high loads, and therefore suitable even for the Parking area. The material is inexpensive, but also a special aesthetic qualities not happy. Whether it is tile, made by technology of vibrolit’ya. It is virtually handmade, but because the material is much more expensive. But there are many forms of options and wide color palette. By the way, strength is not inferior to analogue.

What to pay attention?

Tiles should be well dried. You can check this, if you hit two items together. You should hear ringing. Pay attention to the color. It needs to be uniform, even within. It is better to change the tile and see how well the paint break. Don’t choose too bright coating. A large amount of pigment in the composition is usually reflected on strength. Of course, the tile should not be chips, scratches, cracks, stains and other defects. And be sure to ask the certificate on the vending products.

Currently, more and more often in the organization of the pavements used vibropressed tile. This is not surprising, as this material has excellent durability. However, the color scheme of the tiles is limited to the gray and red color, other colors are rarely used. This is because the main material for the production of tiles is a cement M500

The vibropressed sidewalk tile and its characteristics

The vibropressed sidewalk tile is an incredibly durable material, but the use of pigment slightly reduces this figure. This factor is of great importance, as the material is confronted with heavy loads, namely, of him will go not only people, but also to drive cars.

Kind of vibropressed tiles. This small material is able to confidently cope with the travel of the truck. If the tile is larger, from the severe loads it can crack. Vibrocompressed tiles come in various textures and configurations.

Basically, it is produced in the form of paving stones, when the substantial thickness combined with the small size. In the end, this flooring can withstand heavy loads. This tile is produced in the form of a rectangle or square.

In addition, the tile can be conducted in a large scale performance in the form of a square or a hexagon. Its appearance can be varied, and the size should be 40×40 cm or 30×30 cm Tiles with a thickness of 5 cm is able to withstand enormous loads.

Advantages of vibro tiles

This material has good anti-slip qualities of this tile is almost impossible to slip, even if it is wet. In addition, it has excellent wear resistance, namely, able to withstand heavy operating loads and to serve for many decades.

An equally important advantage of this material is considered frost. This tile has a lot to endure cycles of freezing and thawing. Well and the most pleasant advantage of this construction material is relatively low cost. The organization of the sidewalk with such tiles will give the opportunity to avoid large expenditures.

Technology of vibrolit’ya used in the manufacture of this material allows you to make high quality tiles that can cope with all sorts of destructive actions. Thanks to this method it is possible not only to achieve aesthetic appeal of the sidewalk, but for many years not thinking about its repair.

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