How to choose paintings for the interior

How to choose paintings for the interior

To make their homes more comfortable and stylish will help such items of decor as paintings, collages, different reproduction. Their main advantage is that they transform a room, create a special warm atmosphere. It is important to choose paintings according to the style and colors to suit your interiors to make it look harmonious. The picture should cause you only positive emotions.

Basic tips for choosing the paintings:

  1. If you have a small room, you should not hang too big picture, better than several small ones.
  2. Each room fits a certain theme of the picture. If you pick up the painting in the bedroom, you can focus on the image of couples or other romantic themes. The living room wall can be decorated with a picture of the urban landscape. Appetizing figure will look good in the kitchen.
  3. It is important to choose the right place for the picture. Should not hang in front of the window, if it will constantly get in the sun. Best picture will look on a plain wall, not too bright shade.
  4. In the case of an interior in pastel colours, the picture can be more vivid colors. If you have the room color accents, you should choose the canvas on which repeat the colors used in the interior.
  5. Well if your painting will cover, for example, mounted above it, spotlights. This image will highlight it and will turn.
  6. Painting to hang at eye level.

Very important in paintingas it is framed, that is, its baguette. Now in stores there are many options. You can choose from thick, massive, wooden, plain plastic frames. They will look best photographs or reproductions. Here we should pay attention to the style of the room and its furnishings, and in accordance with this, to choose a suitable frame. Modular pattern can get by without frames. However, the information and the themes of these paintings have to match the type of the room.

If you have selected several pictures, may they be one style, one theme. You can arrange them as you like or on different walls, or in a row on one wall. You can choose a modular pattern, it looks very stylish and modern, showing a single image that is divided into two, three or more parts. Typically, these paintings have no frames and therefore all the pieces look whole. The distance between them you can set different, at your discretion. The shape and size of the modular paintings may be different, and they are located either vertically or horizontally. There are many options, we need only to decide on which wall you want to place, hence to choose a suitable modular pattern.

Correctly picking up any picture or reproduction, you will be able to create a pleasant environment in the room and complementing your interior with new parts, you will make it more interesting.

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