How to choose interior doors?

How to choose interior doors?

Whatever was beautiful and quality repairs in the apartment, it will not be the best look without good interior doors. Aesthetics and harmony is achieved when all the interior elements fit together. Doors should not cause dissonance perception. When choosing it is necessary to observe a number of conditions – the quality, material, color, functionality. Article will help you make the right choice and to buy good interior doors.

The choice of the manufacturer and materials

To choose the interior doors should start with the manufacturer. I would not want to throw the stone in the garden of domestic companies, but their quality often does not meet the expectations of consumers. Note proven in the market foreign firms (Italy, France, Turkey). After you select manufacturer, you must determine the materials used in production. The quality of the material is the determining factor. The basic materials for interior doors , particle Board, wood, MDF. Each of the materials has its pros and cons.

  • Wooden doors look good, eco-friendly, durable, but expensive. For their manufacture use of both coniferous and deciduous trees. Experienced consumers prefer hardwoods, such as oak and maple. This is due to their high aesthetic qualities and water repellent properties. The wood must be properly treated and well dried, otherwise, after purchase, the product can quickly lose their consumer properties.
  • Very fine fraction (MDF), is a compressed shavings. This material is cheaper to produce, repels moisture. These doors are mounted externally with laminate or veneer, which can undoubtedly increase the price of products, depending on the quality of the materials used.
  • Particle Board (chipboard) is the ideal material for the production of doors. These doors do not burn, well insulate the room from the extra sounds, is not expensive to produce. The downside of this material is low quality and fragility.

Which interior door is best?

After the choice of the manufacturer and material, the consumer needs to understand what guided the selection. Quality interior doors can not be cheap. The price is the first criterion that must be taken into consideration when choosing the right option.

The surface material should be smooth, homogeneous. The door needs to be varnished, the quality of which need to special attention. Door varnish in production is often more expensive than the materials from which made the door. You need to spend time learning the composition of the varnish and ensure its safety, test certificates of quality, study the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Well established interior doors ekoshpon inexpensive which you can buy almost in any region.

Composite parts must be connected without gaps, smoothly and efficiently. Box door and trim needs to be easily adjustable.

The material should not peel, as a rule, of poor quality door can be seen immediately.

Good interior doors will last a long time, do not lose their consumer properties when operating, will please the eye, protect the peace of residents.

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