How to choose interior doors — advice to consumers

In order to choose interior doors, you need to understand how to use the space the entire apartment or house. Doors in any room performs protective and decorative functions. Faced with a choice of interior doors you need to consider the basic functions of the application. The door should not be loud, must be close to be of high quality and aesthetic.

How to choose interior doors for apartment

There are several types of doors:

  • standard single-leaf doors (opening width up to 90 cm);
  • double doors (opening width 110 cm);
  • folding doors;
  • sliding door;
  • bilateral doors opening to both sides.

Manufacturers offer a large number of different types of doors, only have to choose the door size, the wallet and quality. If the door has a non-standard size, it can be made to order.

What is a good interior door

The image quality, that is high quality and durable door can be composed of the following parts:

  • environmentally friendly material from which made the door (wood, natural veneer), as well as treatment of harmless paints and other safe materials;
  • quality painting doors: no muddy, uneven ground, spots and patches; — for high-quality painting usually comes through the tree structure along the entire surface of the door;
  • smooth surface: no roughness, chips, clumps of varnish;
  • perfectly smooth: no warps, bends, and irregularities;
  • high quality glazing (if any): the glass is sturdy, not wobbly, not falls.»;
  • there is a casing in the color of the door and the door itself is packaged in a box with a seal — it is necessary to pay attention that the door is not delivered with scratches, chips, defects.

Already this simple notion of a high quality door will help you to find what you need. You should also pay attention to the manufacturer vdomspb: factories for the manufacture of doors have all the necessary certificates and meet international standards.

Also pay special attention to the door veneer, this affordable option will make the repair quality, and cozy interior. Veneer doors, light, absorbent, aesthetic and affordable. Veneered doors perfectly absorb the noise and even soft woods from which they are made, are very durable.

How to choose a door in the shop

The consumer has the right to fully know the characteristics and disadvantages of the purchased product and therefore we can not hesitate to feel of the exhibition doors to open and close them, to ask sellers about their differences and producers.

The quality of the door you can check in store in the following ways:

  • To hold doors palm: the surface should be smooth and pleasant to the touch. It should not remain traces and stains. These spots show about toning, that is, the manufacturer tried to hide any defects. It should also pay attention to the lacquer: the lacquer shall not prominate under the nail.
  • It is necessary to measure doors a tape measure from corner to corner diagonally on all sides — differences should not be more than 1 mm Door «eight» – defective product.
  • To determine the quality of the glass (if any) necessary to mention the doors suddenly open: the glass should not rattle and it is good to adhere to a sealant. Also on the glass, especially frosted, there should be no blemishes — it was a factory defect.
  • To check the reliability of structures and fixtures: they must be free of cracks and gaps, the door would silently join the baguette.

A quality door should last a long time, do not break and do not deliver any trouble during operation.

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