How to choose furniture — useful tips and recommendations

How to choose furniture - useful tips and recommendations

How to choose furniture? How much do you know about the quality of the furniture and how much you are willing to pay for it? Usually buyers know about the product you are purchasing is very small and the only source is the word of the seller, or paper sign.

The principles of selection of furniture

The study of the Russian marketers in the industry of furniture has shown that more than 80 percent of buyers have no idea about the quality of purchased goods and only what they were forced to make a purchase is aesthetics. That is, neither of which reliability, quality of the skin or the tree from which was made the furniture, the buyer has no representation.

While the user can know the real price of the goods? It is almost impossible, the only thing left for the buyer to rely on the honesty of the seller.

Some of the most famous brands producing furniture in Italy and Europe, saying that for many years their only point of reference in the creation of furniture was the appeal to the eye of the buyer. Most of the brands, especially new, are beginning to produce high quality furniture, but they gradually reduce this level, which in most cases, the consumer is not noticeable.

It can be concluded that the person decided to buy sliding door wardrobes, table or bed buys with their eyes. This, in most cases, have a negative impact on both the quality and the purse of the buyer.

How to choose the right furniture and not to be trapped.

The purchase of furniture can be attributed to higher costs, and therefore to choose it is necessary carefully. Do not make a purchase in the shortest time frame, believing in multiple representations of the seller and aesthetic appearance of the furniture. You will use this purchase in everyday life, so you should try it in the store. If you choose, for example, a sofa, try to sit on him, spread out, carefully inspect the entire cover. If you have any questions be sure to ask the seller, this is why he is near you. Ask them to explain it, what interior it will fit, what is its quality, etc. of Course he will say any words, just to force you to make a purchase, but in most cases you will be able to make a superficial analysis.

Pay special attention to the parts that are most subjected to deterioration. Check the mounting legs and rails. Also note the seams. They will be among the first «victims» of the furniture is of poor quality.

Another great way to learn about quality furniture is to compare. Ask the seller to compare the two product, explain what you need and, based on this information, find out which one suits you best. Better if these products will cost about the same, otherwise from the seller there is a great temptation to implement a more expensive product. In most cases, the seller will provide comprehensive information, which will allow not only to choose one of the two, but to find out more accurate features of both products.

One of the universal methods is the comparison of items in different stores. Of course, it is much more difficult, however, with the help of Internet, it has become possible. For example, you found a great cheap dressers online store and want to buy them. In just a few minutes you will be able to compare the merchandise in several stores. The reverse side will be the fact that in most cases you will be able to find only a brief description and price of the furniture, to physically feel the furniture you can not, this is a big minus, but worth a try at least for price comparison. However, every major online shop has a showroom where you can examine the item more carefully.

And finally I want to say that one of the best ways of buying furniture is to go to a shop with an expert who is knowledgeable in furniture production. A person familiar with the production of furniture, will always be able to distinguish a quality product that will be sold at a reasonable price.

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